Embrace Your Signature Style with

A Masterclass in Style

Dress in Your Stand-Out Signature Style. Discover how to Show Up as the best version of you in the Zoom square or in Person no matter the size of your wallet, your weight, or your height!

Learn to Shop Online

It is time to look your best. Learn how to shop online for the best deals. To dress for success. I have learned from the corner office, the presentation stage, runway show productions, New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Join with me as I share with you some top tips and tools that will elevate your image to attract the clients and opportunities that you desire. It is all about "Inspiring Passion, Potential, and Purpose".

My new weekly show showcasing local Floridian Businesses and all that they have to offer. In partnership with The Better Business Bureau of South Florida and The Caribbean and The Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center (FLVEC)

67% of people who watch a video will go on to purchase; however,

the show is not a pitch fest.

It’s all about framing the problem, the solution, and the target audience that your product or service best serves—and I’ll work with you to polish the process. My 30-minute BIZtoBIZ with Joy will air every Tuesday LIVE on Facebook at 7:00 PM EST and available for viewing on my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube platforms.