Have you received little to nothing back when being interviewed for podcasts?

Were you disappointed with the lack of promotion that your interview received?

Perhaps you felt as if the podcast interview didn't represent you or your business as well as you wanted?

Well, I hear you. I felt the same way. This is why I decided to take a completely different and groundbreaking approach.


Be Seen And Heard On 137 Channels!!!

Apple TV

Amazon Fire




Total: 137 Channels!

Be A Featured Guest Speaker!

Receive Top Quality Results!

  • Receive A Professional Interview with me, Joy!

  • The quality will be top of the line!

  • We'll have fun together!

  • Choose which package best aligns with your vision of success!

Choose from these two packages!

Basic Package


30 Minute Broadcast!

Details: Prior to the interview you will receive an assessment form that allows me to be able to ask the best questions, and for you to have a show-stopping interview. Your on-air time will be 28 minutes. When Live you'll be able to express your value and discuss five areas of your business with the audience.

Spotlight On You And Your Business!

Enjoy the benefits of a broadcast specially dedicated to you, your business, your products and/ or services.

Be The Featured Guest Speaker!

Your only assignment will be to show up as a proud featured guest on Joy's Broadcast. The entire show will be centered around your interview.

Feel Comfortable So You Can Shine!

My main focus and mission is to make you feel welcome and comfortable during the interview so you can shine! Get excited, relax and find your ease during this one of a kind interview!

We promote you!

My team and I will promote you on my Facebook Page, Facebook group, in addition to LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Upgraded Package


Everything In The Basic Package!!!

Everything listed in the basic package are yours!

  • 30 minute broadcast!

  • Spotlight on you and your business!

  • Featured Guest Speaker!

  • You will feel comfortable so you can shine!

  • We promote you!

Personalized Promotional Materials!!!

In addition to being promoted, we provide you with 5 beautifully designed posters. You will then promote them on your social sites in order to synergistically have momentum on my social channels and yours.

Video and Audio Production Recordings!!!

After the show you will receive the video and audio recordings with no restrictions. This will allow you to cut, edit, and/or even distribute the full show on your website, your own podcast, and wherever else you'd like.

Background, Light And Sound Co-Pilot Assurance!!!

We check to make sure your light, sound and background are high-quality and professional so that way you can look and sound your best for the broadcast.

Be On 137 Podcast Platforms!!!

With the Step-Up Basic Package you'll be seen on 5 channels live with me. But, with the All Inclusive Package you'll receive the recorded videos, custom graphics for social media, Joy's team to publicize you and for your broadcast to be seen and heard on 137 channels!!!