About Joy

Hi, hello and welcome! My name is Joy Ruffen and it is my pleasure to share my story with you. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and my career began in the fashion industry. I started out as a Fashion Showroom Model and while modeling I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where I majored in Fashion Design. In my third year I switched to Fashion Buying and Merchandising.

It was while attending the F.I.T that I landed a prime position as a Buyer for a leading New York City Specialty Store. Working in the fashion business for several years as a buyer I qualified for a phenomenal position to represent Vogue & Butterick patterns. My life changed as I traveled the country overseeing all aspects of our Vogue Fashion Shows. I was hiring models and making sure that the make up and accessories were right for the styles being showcased. This fashion position was one of my best and most loved opportunities.

After that I founded, supervised, and launched my own Cable TV Talk show in Los Angeles. When that ended, after a three year run, it was time to stretch myself again. This time I transferred my sought after skills into the Commercial Insurance business. It was here that I met my husband and my life entered a new chapter. Again, I was traveling all over the world and had the chance to pursue several related and connected professions that blended into the fashion business where I began.

Today, ending my corporate career and now retired, I am sharing my background to empower young women and girls to stand in their innate power and discover the signature, style, and stamp that fits their purpose in life.

Join with me to support your vision turning it into a reality that brings you wealth, prosperity, and abundance. You are here to be all that you can be and then to give back.

You deserve to have only the best. Can’t wait to meet you let’s connect. Cheers!!!