Your Talent Alone Will Never Be Enough, Why?

Why your talent alone will never be enough. One of the great mistakes of life is to think that talent alone is enough to be great and become a high achiever. It has been proven time and again how many times talented people get cut from a great example would be a sports team, or go bankrupt after a few years in business or just completely get flat out beat by someone with a lot less talent in so many other businesses.

What we can say is no matter what your talent is quit screwing around and get to work. Let’s look at two ways talent alone will never be enough. Someone with less talent is coming with a major chip on their shoulder. Not the most talented or destined for major success but from an early age they had a second – to none work ethic and went on to do what others thought was unthinkable. The number one key to success – Work Like You’re an Intern – Everyday!

Talent alone can only get you so far. You might make a ton of money, reach a certain level of success and even think you’ve done it at some point, but if you stop there, you will eventually fall. Just as there are so many less talented people who go on to beat the person who is ten times more talented than them, there are also those who are incredibly talented but who work like they have no talent whatsoever.

We are all talented at something, but if we stop there, it will more than likely end a disaster. Do something every day, even if a little, to develop and nurture your talent. Adopt the champion mindset that Jordan and Bryant have. Make it up in your mind that absolutely no one will outwork you, regardless of how talented you may be. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

We all know very talented people. The gifted athlete, wealthy business owner, articulate public speaker, class valedictorian are all examples of talented people. Likewise, we all know very talented people who are not always “successful” or achieve great things. Many “smart” or “wealthy” people are unhappy, unfulfilled, and who apparently have not reached their full potential nor made anything of merit. One of the keys to success is belief. Have you ever noticed how successful people have a supreme confidence, and who absolutely, positively believe in their potential and endeavor?

Entrepreneurs persist, seemingly at odds with their industry or even common logic, and become wildly more successful than anyone could have imagined, mainly because of their passion. This “fire within” sustains people to continue, never giving up their hopes and dreams. Without it, they may have quit or moved on to something else where they would have been merely average. Passion provides them energy and willpower to work long hours. It is also infectious, and people with passion spread it around their workplace, homes, and communities.

Are you following your passion? What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA The Goddess Of Wealth

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