Stylist Women Who Follow Daily Habits!

Stylish women have a simple routine they keep it short and simple and follow it to the letter. While there is no universal code or a to-do list that all stylish women adhere too, there are a few select habits that aid them in the process of crafting an excellent outfit day after day. It is from checking the weather to selecting the right undergarments, a routine that keeps them on the top of their game and you can do the same.

The number one and always on the list for any stylish lady is to have an organized closet. Hanging up your clothes, folding them and, putting them away, instead of throwing them around your room will speed up the process of selecting your outfit and help you edit your look and see what pieces you’re working with and save you tons of time. You might laugh yet checking the weather can turn out to be a best friend. If you’re wearing a great outfit and it does not fit the temperature or rain, that garment is not a good look for that day.

Stylish women plan their outfits out ahead of time. It may not always be ideal to select ahead of time yet giving yourself adequate time to prepare almost always ensures a more put-together look rather than something that you throw on as you’re running out the door.

These women who always appear pull-together give themselves enough time to get ready in the morning. Not many of us have that natural talent so we have to work and build habits that will allow us that gift. When we can do this in that way that we can pull ourselves together in 10 minutes and still have that effortless, Parisian look. Give yourself a snooze button wake up early enough so that you can put some time into the look you want o have for that day and make it a habit. Learn how to mix high and low fashions. Know when to mix and match both. Invest in a few classic pieces.

One of the best-kept secrets, they wear clothes that fit correctly. ?They do not go about squeezing into a pair of too tight anything. They own a steamer never will you see then with wrinkle clothes. Another pet peeve they select the right undergarments. No bra straps exposed, no “God” forbid panty lines which only distracts from the most put-together look.

Every stylish woman will have a go-to- uniform always ready for back up. So, what does that mean? She knows how to hone in on a signature look that she can always rely on and one that fits her lifestyle. It could be any look from jeans and a blazer to a head to toe black style that fits into her Signature style and stamp. In other words, she is always ready for any occasions or event. You will never hear her say she has nothing to wear.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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