Style Advice That Works For Everyone!

Style advice that works for everyone did you hesitate reading that statement? You should have, why because it is a significant “Faux Pas” in the fashion world. Very few can wear everything and have it look fantastic. Even the best fashion models that the designers select they do so for specific styles. It is a lot of nonsense to believe and buy into every design can work for everyone., don’t think about it. That belief is incorrect on many levels. Facts are that there are several ways your wardrobe might not be doing you any favors. Your assignment is to discover what they are for you and to know what to look out for moving forward.

What about the color black, yes it does wonders for trimming your figure and is appropriate for almost every occasion. Here’s a truth you need to know it can also create a harsh contrast that can emphasize wrinkles and call attention to darkness under the chin and eyes. As you age, often your skin will lose its glow and becomes paler and black does not add anything if anything it detracts from your skin’s radiance.

You need to be very mindful if you’re working to cover and conceal parts of your shape. Shapeless clothes when you’re trying to hide your hips, arms, and stomach will make you look heavier. What you need is to learn how to flatter the best parts of your figure and create a smooth, effortless line to your body shape.

What about skirt and dress length? It will depend on your legs, shape, and height. If you are aging, it does not mean that your hemline has to as well. A skirt that grazes close to your ankles may hide sagging knees, yet it will also tend to make you look broader and frumpier. When you want the most flattering skirt length for your body shape, look in the mirror and note the slimmest part of the area around your knee; it will be right above, right below or in the middle, that’s where your hemline should fall.

Learn all about the right bra for you the wrong size will make you look shorter, older and more substantial. Get a new fitting every year due to weight gain or loss, as well as hormonal changes. A new bra every six to eight months will help you and no losing out when you do. One of the best tips cut out wearing Jersey Fabrics; they don’t give you the best shape because they are as clingy as they are comfortable. Be mindful of fabrics.

Why not be on the lookout If you decide to wear slimming garments which can cut off the years for you yet they can also add on years. You will want to hide if you have lumps and bumps and even with the best bodies you have to find the right shapewear. Your shape wear should fit snugly yet it is essential for it to not to be too tight, to avoid health concerns. Remember sizing down will not make you look thinner and you will not be comfortable and confident, and that is your aim.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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