Why Do Seniors Need More Help With The New Technology?

Why Do Seniors Need More Help With The New Technology?

What is a breeze for many with technology could be a much harder task for many seniors? The technology of the Internet, cell and iPhone is much like learning a foreign language. Despite for many hearing and vision loss and other serious concerns, many seniors are learning their way around their desktop computers. These seniors are using their computers to communicate with friends and family all around the world.

We are living in an era when everything from personal health records to nursing home quality ratings is moving online. When also the best way to stay in touch with grandchildren may involve texting. Teaching the skills only address part of the problem. The cost of devices and internet service also keep older people from being online. This as well as physical limitations or cognitive impairment. Even so learning the technology is key.

Everyone who is exploring this brand new world needs a guide. Though lots of communities offer classes for older adults, the response is usually local and small scale. What the research has found is that a significant amount of the ways seniors learn and they have put that into computer and Internet training, still that is not enough and not enough of these types of centers scattered around. What that means is that there is still a significant number of seniors that suffer from computer anxiety.

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America’s seniors have historically been late adopters to the world of technology compared to their younger compatriots but, their movement into digital life continues to deepen. It seems two different groups of older Americans emerge. The first group which leans towards younger and more highly educated, or more affluent seniors, tend to have a more positive view towards the benefits of the online platforms.

The other group which tends to be older and less affluent, often with significant challenges with health or disability are largely disconnected from the world of digital tools and services, both physically and psychologically. Despite the gains with the new in technology, seniors overall lag far behind and remain unattached from online and mobile life. Seniors differ from the general population in their device ownership habits. Few older adults are smartphone owners and if they are the usage is vastly different and, tend to be your more basic types.

Seniors who are away from technology need our help the most. That said how do you help those seniors who are far away from technology to be aware of that fact, and it is best to let them known that is best to get off to a slow start. Begin with the simplest possible technology and step-by-step instructions are written down. The old one-on-one- hands on show and tell is still the best method for seniors. It is wise to be aware of the issues that they the seniors might have and to be able to address questions before they ask them.

Think about this most older people have a hard time learning new things, but it is not because of their age. It is because they have made the conscious decision to stop learning even though they may not realize it. That one reason is why it is important for you to live a life of continuous learning. Every older person that I know who is vibrant and energetic are always striving to learn new things, and it is how they keep their brains sharp.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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