Why You Need A Mentor On Your Journey To Success!


Why You Need A Mentor On Your Journey To Success!

When you are on your path to the success that you seek you are well advised to find a mentor/teacher to assist and support you on that journey. If you are smart, and you are, you will find someone who has been lived and breathed the same or similar enough demons and elation and figured out a way to harness them into genius. If you haven’t found the right one for you don’t worry they are hard to find, but with the right mindset, initiative, and a little luck you can and will locate the mentor that will help you “create genius” in yourself to create the lifestyle you desire.

What is your style and what do you believe? You want someone that is in sync with that mindset. Ask yourself what type of teacher/mentor do you want to become because it will be your responsibility to give back the knowledge and awareness that you have gained to others. Make a list of the qualities that you would like to develop in your teaching and, use that list to guide your search for a mentor.

Once you decide on what you want to learn to get as accurate as is possible, then identify a community that you can learn from, not one but several. The best mentoring is not among individuals but peers. As far back as the middle ages, this was true. In the studio of a master, there were sometimes a dozen students all working together under the tutelage of a teacher but also learning from each other. In this way, they were using the resources of the group to help everyone reach their goals.




Some people seem to think “Entrepreneurs” don’t need mentors, but in every case, research shows that a good mentor/mentee relationship are vital for entrepreneurs of every age and at all stages, especially in the early days of building a business. When you want your instincts to match your dream and vision you should seek the advice of a mentor and consider these benefits.

Experience beyond your years: We are not speaking of age but to work experiences. Often a seasoned trainer can challenge you to think in ways that never occurred to you because of the work and life experiences that they have lived. They will not have all the answers, but if you allow your mentor to bolster their experience with yours, you will be able to operate much more shrewdly and with more confidence.

Networks beyond your experience: In business it is important to know the right people. Maybe you are a networking genius, but if you are new at it, you are limited by that time frame. A seasoned mentor, on the other hand, will have connections and a good reputation build up over years. When you are in their circle is is easier for them to introduce you to their successful business leaders and to help you make the most of their hard-won networks.

Insight beyond your knowledge: Often, a single, sound piece of advice from a mentor can be the catalyst that changes an entrepreneur’s frame of reference forever. One Aha!” moment can propel you forward faster than a year of steady hard work ( or keep you from making a costly mistake). Experienced mentors can share the intangible nuances of communication they have mastered through relationships they have forged the old fashion way.

One of the biggest obstacles to finding and cultivating a good mentor relationship is the entrepreneur’s pride and yes, sometimes arrogance. It is sometimes difficult to be-be humble enough to slow down and get a fresh perspective, and hear things we don’t want to hear. Like it or not most successful entrepreneurs have all sought mentors and paid heed to their advice. If you want to experience success in any capacity, you owe it to yourself to find great mentors and listen and learn from them.

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