Great Leaders Win Because They Bring Out The Best In Themselves And Others!

Great leaders win because they bring out the best in themselves and others. Why this is true is because they have mastered the art of working well under pressure. To perform their best in today’s turbulent atmosphere, leaders have to possess three highly unusual set of traits. When these three characteristics are evident they automatically attract others to them, and it’s oblivious that they have them set in place, it shows. Let’s look at the three and discuss them one by one.

Realistic Optimism = Leaders who have this trait will possess confidence without self-delusion or irrationality. They pursue audacious goals, which others would typically view as impossible pipe dreams, while at the same time remaining aware of the magnitude of the challenges confronting them and the difficulties that lie ahead.

Subservience To Purpose = Leaders with this ability see their professional goal as so profound in importance that their lives become measured in value by how much they contribute to furthering that goal. Their level of dedication to their work is a direct result of the extraordinary, remarkable importance they place on their goal.


Finding Order In Chaos = Leaders with this trait find taking on multidimensional problems invigorating, and their ability to bring clarity to quandaries that baffle others makes their contribution invaluable. Leaders who have these three characteristics are willing and able to do all the things that others refuse to do, and they have the ability to see beyond what the average can see.

Being able to bring out the best in others is a skill that involves just 10% natural inclination; the other 90% has to be deliberate. It can not be learned by listening to a lecture or reading examples. It has to be practiced, reinforced and used day to day. All great leaders focus on the other person’s strengths. They cultivate and optimize others talents and capabilities.

Leaders who know how to win listen and understand that empathy drives the best performances. Giving recognition and rewards as required and connecting the right people for the job. The ability to find people at different levels who know the things that they don’t and allowing them to teach and train them without fear. Micromanage never comes into the equation, once they delegate a task or decision great leaders don’t try to take it back, it’s a done deal, and that’s it.

A safe environment is created when it gives people the permission to think, speak, and act with reason. Thereby creating a mental space in which people can flourish.

All great leaders win with this outlook because they bring out the best in themselves and others, are you in this group?

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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