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Hello and welcome! I’m Joy Ruffen and I am here to help YOU become the very best you can be. I can be your personal Image Consultant, your Life Coach, and a Women’s Motivational Speaker to energize and inspire your ladies’ business networking group or special interest group.

My primary focus is on working with you to examine what is holding you back from feeling a sense of empowerment, joy and belief in yourself. As your Image Consultant and Life Coach, I’ll help you get from where you ARE in your life now, to where you WANT to be. I support, motivate, inspire and hold you accountable to being the person you long to be and living the life you want to live. If you are seeking a life with the highest rewards and a sense of fulfillment, your time is now!

Image Consultant and Stylist

How do you present your “Signature, Style, and Stamp” to the world? Why do you desperately need to discover what yours is? And more importantly, what the heck is it? Join with me in helping you discover your Signature, Style & Stamp.

Your Signature, Style and Stamp is more like your personal image on steroids! It goes deeper than dressing for success. It’s more like cultivating your own “branding” of yourself. Your Signature, Style and Stamp can be created and perfected to be exactly how you want it to be in how you create first impressions in all situations and settings. Professional or casual, the key is to be comfortable and at ease with who you are and how you want to be remembered. It’s also about a personal transformation for becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

Personal and Professional Styling
We’ll cover areas like fashion, physical appearance (your body shape), attitude and behavior (your lifestyle and activities), and communication (verbal and non-verbal).

You will learn the secrets and tips that you can use to develop an inspiring and passionate look that radiates your personal style with confidence. You will be noticed, respected, and admired.

Complimentary 30 Min. Image Consultation
Sign up below for my FREE Eye-Opening 30-min Image Consultation. This revealing session will help you discover what your Signature, Style and Stamp can be.

In this free session we’ll cover two (2) basic tips, so you can have a clearer outlook about YOU!

  • How to develop your Signature, Style and Stamp
  • Knowing your body shape and which styles are best for you

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Women’s Motivational Public Speaking

Joy Ruffen Professional Motivational Speaker Florida

Are you looking for a powerful guest speaker to inspire your special interest group, meetings, events, luncheons, or workshops? I am available for motivational and inspiring public speaking engagements and would love to speak to your next ladies group. I bring to the table passionate and empowering speeches customized and tailored to your particular audience.

My themes are predominantly centered around “Women’s Empowerment, Transformational Life Coaching, and the Power Of A Professional Image.” The platform and foundation is focused toward Lifestyle Changes and Health and Wellness that leads to wholeness and individual empowerment to encourage personal development, which is the ultimate goal. I promise that everyone who attends will have fun and leave with a new perspective on the way they are living life, insight into their personal signature, style, and stamp and the motivation to change whatever is holding them back.

Inspiring Passion, Potential, and Purpose!

My speeches are delivered and infused with energy and passion that will inspire your audience to find their own voice. My delivery is educational as well as entertaining with the intention to leave your audience wanting more and to be invited back with more inspirational stories.

For more information on engaging me as your Keynote Speaker – Click Here.

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a confidant with whom you can share your circumstances, hopes, fears, uncertainties and can provide one-on-one help with life’s challenges. A life coach can assist you in improving the quality of your career development, personal relationships , life skills, image, health, fitness and overall well-being.

A Life Coach will listen to you, evaluate your current situation and then help you define your goals, develop actionable plans to implement, and teach you skills to deal with issues and setbacks along the way making you a stronger, empowered woman.

Do You Need A Life Coach?

Are you struggling with aspects of your career or personal situations? Are you unsure of what comes next and what changes you need to make to reach your goals? Do you need help on how to handle a transition, personally or professionally? Would you like to experience the feeling of independence and freedom that only self confidence and a belief in yourself can bring?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, a Life Coach may be the answer you are seeking.

Many people contact life coaches to get help managing and overcoming specific challenges like – career, financial, health and wellness, stress management, time management, relationship issues or generally how others may perceive you. Having a life coach means you don’t have to go through challenging times alone.

Life Coach and Personal Development Coach Joy Ruffen Port St Lucie FLorida

Benefits of Working With a Life Coach

Working with a Life Coach is like having someone who listens to YOU and observes how you are currently dealing with circumstances and issues with life and assessing your situation. Then they can help you pinpoint your inner obstacles like limiting beliefs, low self confidence, and fears that are getting in the way of you living a fulfilled life. Once your obstacles are brought to the surface she can develop a personalized improvement plan while encouraging you and holding you accountable as you accomplish your objectives.

Life Coach Benefits You Can Experience

Working with a Life Coach offers many benefits that put you on a path of new self discovery and personal empowerment like:

  • Getting clarity and direction on your ideal vision for your life
  • Accessing your inner gifts and strengths
  • Uncovering the fears and doubts holding you back and blocking your progress
  • Embracing who you came here to be
  • Thriving in life and career
  • Living passionately and purposefully

My coaching will take you through a specific process that will enable you to fulfill your dreams and take you to the next level you seek – to your success! You can live the life you were meant to. If not now, when?

You can start changing your life today by calling me, Joy Ruffen at (772) 240-9810
or filling out your Free 30-Minute Complimentary Life Coaching Session form below.

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