You Spirituality Fashion And Style Shinning Through!

What does spirituality mean to you and how do you incorporate it into your daily life? Spirituality is usually associated with things we see as higher and more significant than ourselves. It can conjure images of what you consider a higher power of enlightenment through, prayer, meditation and our connection to others in the universe. Most don’t see fashion that way they see it associated with materialism so let’s discuss that mindset.

When the word materialism comes into the conversation, it seems to be in complete conflict with spirituality. One of the prevailing stereotypes that stick to fashion is that it is shallow and superficial. Maybe, the question would be where did that ideas stem from and who decided that to be manly consider as fact today? Style and spirituality have long been intertwined; they are connected and not mutually exclusive to one another.

How about all those make-over shows where we get to see the unsuspecting person taken and saved by a stylist? Usually, it is a person who vows that style and fashion has no interest for them and, then you see them beaming with pride or spilling over with gratitude for the transformation. Ask yourself why despite all the “looks are not that important to me as a protest,” are the people who thought before it that it was a waste of time are now singing a different tune and are beyond happy with the results?

You might be surprised to discover that spirituality and style have a history, that they have been aligned and intertwined dating back to the ancient pagan times. Specific garments or styles of dress have long identified every religion that you can think of Priest, and holy men and just about any other religion. We have Catholic priests with their collar and nuns with their veils; add to that the ordinary people many who had specific forms fitting their faith and their everyday lifestyle.

Still today even some of the poorest people have a particular outfit that is considered their “Sunday Best.”
( That still hold true today for many different cultures).

Your appearance, image, and presents do not have to conform to any particular ideas about beauty, style, or fashion. My friend, you need to pay attention and allow how you look to be a reflection of how you feel and what you hold sacred. Just choose items for your wardrobe that best express what’s inside of you and fits the lifestyle you desire to live.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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