You Can Go Deeper And Wear Your Fashion Beliefs?

Fashion should be fun and enjoyable ask yourself what does it mean to you and, how do you use it to express you in a creative and fun way? When you go deeper into fashion and give yourself permission to discover your unique signature style and you stamp that look to you, and the real fun begins. What you can bank on is that fashion is just not another piece of clothing. In one manner or another, you are using fashion to express who you are to the world. Your fashion style should be a part of your message to others, and showcase your personality and lifestyle in the best manner that conveys you at your best.

Where is it written that everyone has to be a “Fashionista” nowhere at all nor should it be? Yet, my friend, most do need this because it has been proven again and again and you can’t get away from this fact. “We are what we wear and we wear what we are”. People perceive us as we show up, we are label whether we like it or not. When you dress for the work that you do it speaks before you have to say one word. One’s culture is reflected in fashion. How to say it another way you could say we wear our beliefs, we communicate who we are and who we want to be via our garments.

What has become factual is simply this fashion will always be with us. Whatever you’re wearing it speaks to who you are. We can even say the lack of fashion itself gives out a statement all of its own. The lack of fashion awareness is common and not to be denied and it does not mean that one does not care about it. How you decide to show up will always tell a story somewhat about you your only questions may be what do you want your clothing to say about you to others? To say one does not care is not true at all is not true. When maybe to say I am not sure and I don’t know how to would be more truthful.

The only thing to take away here is that our beliefs when we speak about fashion will be tied into both the functional and social aspects. Our beliefs inform us on how to dress while it also demonstrates our creativity and independence. It shows us how to relate to groups and, is a signal of our profession and sometimes our wealth and social status. Have you ever stop to think why when people begin to rise and gain a certain amount of status they begin to upgrade and elevate their fashion style? What we have to remember is that clothes are both functional and social and take in a huge portion of our beliefs. We have choices and if we choose you can go much deeper into the discovery of what truly works best for you and your lifestyle; and don’t forget to have fun in the process.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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