You Are The Master Of Your Words Not The Slaves Of Them!

You are the master of your words not the slaves of them. We all know that there are so many crazy ways that words control our mind. On many levels, we already know that language shapes the way we think. While we tend to think words just make sound, we use them to express ideas, and science is finding that language is more like a fun house and mirrors, warping what we see in mind-blowing ways.

Have you ever thought—I mean thought—about the power of language? Most of us take it for granted. Not only as a tool to tell our families we love them, or to ask where the bathroom is, or to get anything done at all, but as the only way to transmit complex ideas. It can take a whole book to explain one concept but assign a name to that concept within the book, and you create a shortcut. Then, if a person has read that book, you can speak one word that conjures up an entire world in their mind.

Words are the means of wrapping big ideas in small packages so that we can hand them off to each other almost effortlessly. Collapsible concepts. Portable philosophy. You can say that this is possibly one of the most powerful things on earth. Why? Because you can use it to change the way people think. Take a simple example. Consider the difference between the synonyms said and claimed. “Bob said he saw Linda at the store,” is neutral. But change it to “Bob claimed he saw Linda at the warehouse,” and suddenly you doubt Bob’s honesty. Or go the opposite direction and put “Bob confirmed he saw Linda at the store,” and suddenly the statement is fact.

Words control emotions, thinking, people and everything else that you can think of, words are like jewels. You must never forget the emotional appeal of words and how they work. People often use flattery as a substitute for logic, think about it, praise seems to flow, and logic usually goes out the window. What is logic? It appears good old common sense as it relates to logic is gone. New makes it better even if it is a lot worse. Where is the common sense in that thinking?

When you become the master of your words, you will have a way of expressing yourself that allows others to see and know your inner being. It becomes natural for you to give more than ten times what you take in all situations. When you speak people will hear that you stand for something greater than yourself, your words will express that mindset. Praising others with kind and loving words speaks to the soul of who you are in every aspect of your life.

Master your mind and, don’t let it master you and when you use words that express that outlook, you will be about learning the game of life. Using the right words will help you to master all solutions if you believe that you can. Words are powerful so attach yourself to those that resonate with your positive outlook on life. One quality admired in people is a sense of self-mastery – the ability to withstand the emotional storms that blow into our lives.

The contrast to self-mastery in the words of Hamlet is becoming “passion’s slave.” That said just don’t allow the mastery of words to make you its slave. You are the master of you and, you want only the best but don’t let that mindset to make you its slave. We speak about not only with words but with compassion for others you master the art of caring beyond words.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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