You Are The Change That You Seek! What Change Is It That You Seek?


You Are The Change That You Seek! What Change Is It That You Seek?


Have you heard and seen this quote yes? It is a famous and much-quoted one because of the man who brought it to our awareness ” Gandhi ” Needless to say, it has been tweaked and thrown around quite a bit and not much understood it appears. The surprising and startling truth, the statement has not been documented as a reliable source, and that Gandhi made this statement. What do you think about that bit of news?

What Gandhi did say is this” If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. — We need not wait to see what others do.” The personal and social transformations that are a part of one’s life go hand in hand, and yet personal transformation is not enough.

What you need to know and understand is that no one person can change much, that it takes a lot of people to implement change. The change will involve a certain awareness that one person can’t change anything and, that unjust authority can be overturned only by a great number of people working together with discipline and persistence. The same mindset applies to any vision and mission that you have; it will take many others to reach and accomplish that vision.

How and when do you step back and ask yourself what is it that you want in this life? Is it money, happiness, peace of mind, good health, freedom and the list can go on and on, what are you seeking? It appears that the most amazing people act as if everything is already here. Great leaders lend themselves to guidance and inspiration, the artist tunes into something universal when they create. Imagine that whatever you want is here right now.

When you read ” you are what your search is for” it is saying that what you seek is already within you; the searching for the experience is for your whole self. Once you discover it, you will be unencumbered by fear, separation and, a lack of knowing. The quote also speaks to you about having happiness in your life and tells you that it is yours so that you can extend to others. Inside of you is a light that is waiting to be exposed, all you have to do is stay open to change.

What happens once you embrace the appreciation of “you are what you seek” will be the real healing of giving up your resistance to you and your entire self. When you start to do what you need too, the changes that take place in your life will begin the healing it needs. Invite others and share your vision and mission and you will find others who will support you in embodying your new reality.

Embracing you and what you seek gives you the permission not to wait, and to move things because you’ll know that you have to do it yourself. In other words, do something now, don’t wait for permission and don’t wait for someone to organize you, take the necessary steps and initiate the change that is yours to mobilize. You live in a time where the belief is that we can reinvent ourselves and we can but, it will take humility and sacrifice, and it will exact a price; the price will be freedom.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.