Work And Commitment Makes For A Happy Relationship!

Work and commitment make for a happy relationship and who does not want to have a happy relationship? Everyone desires to be loved and appreciated. Everyone yearns to be in a dedicated connection with someone he or she loves. If these are universal desires why are so many people not able to achieve these goals? The answer is that between desire and achievement there must be some effort.

People dream of losing weight overnight, advancing in their career straight to the top, acing a presentation with little or no preparation and becoming rich by winning the lottery. This kind of magical thinking stems from the equally unrealistic notion that if we are unique enough, we should be rewarded just for wanting something. Wouldn’t that be a different world if these wishes came true?

Needless to say, there are no select people chosen for relationship ease and bliss. Most couples can achieve the desired happiness if they are willing to do the necessary work to earn it. Why should a relationship just occur with ease any more than flowers should grow without water or food? Building anything takes knowledge and relationships are no different.

Think business and all products and services that will require various processes to be created as you desire them to be and relationships are no different. We spend our working hours in developing products, services, knowledge and wisdom. We are aware of the time and difficulty that is involved in our business life. Why do we deal with our relationships differently? Maybe, because of love. We tend to think that the existence of love, that made the early phase of the relationship so delightful will continue to assure us a smooth connection.

It is true that love is the fertile ground upon which relationships can grow and succeed. However, it, too, requires nurturing. Most couples begin to take their love for granted after a while and abandon cultivating this precious emotion and keeping it alive. Love is not a commodity that once acquired is there to serve you for life. True love is an emotion that requires the process of it to be recreated and repeated. The hardest “work” required for a happy relationship is maintaining the focus of attention on the partner and not on you. When you establish a deep commitment, the energy needed for creating a happy relationship flows smoothly.

Look at your engagement in this way:

Your connection to your partner is your most important life endeavor.

Your partner’s happiness, needs, and wishes get considered first and foremost,

All other life demands are secondary and get considered within the context of what is best for the relationship.

Loving attitude means:

You cherish his or her good qualities and accept the less attractive ones.

You attribute positive intentions to your mate’s words and actions.

You feel blessed to be with your partner.

When you honor yours it is easy to do the following:

You speak, act and behave with kindness, respect and consideration.

You help your partner physically and emotionally.

You communicate well by being a good listener and accepting.

You act as your spouse’s best friend.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.



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