Wonder Why Music Makes You Feel Good?

If you have ever thought why does music have such an effect on our emotions, you are not alone. Music moves people from all cultures, and it does so in many ways that other animals don’t, only humans. No one understands why listening to music can trigger such profound experiences. Research has not been able to find the answer. The types of music that you like are implicitly recorded in your brain. Whether you realize it or not every time, you listen to music you are activating in your brain cells what you are familiar with and know at your core.

You can safely say that you have musical templates attached to your brain and your musical taste is written there. New music can be rewarding not only because it fits the times and settings but because it deviates from what you know and gives you the opportunity to take something new into your brain settings. Women are somewhat more likely to associate emotions with music and to use music for mood management. Surely this does not come as a surprise.


While listening to music, it can be a form of emotional self-care. Many of us turn to it every day not giving it much though just doing it because it is a type of release. Musical therapeutic qualities have long been knowing, and “Aristotle” described music as a force to purify the emotions. Musical therapy now is sanctioned as a form of health care. What is now know is that as good as it can feel listening to uplifting music there is music that can sabotage mental health.

Studies now show how our engagement with music show facets of our personality. Individual differences, from gender to nature, and style matter in what your experience will be in the music you chose. There is no quick assessment to figure out whether your musical taste is healthy or not. If your listening choices stroke the flames of your inner rage, or the deep feeling of woe, it is best to avoid and embrace your internal happy gene, it is there.

Music is incredible, it is human, it is universal, and it is big business. Music has positive effects on people’s emotions and creativity. Magical you can attach to music because it is an excellent medium for learning and retaining information.

Music is a higher revelation than, wisdom & philosophy- A Potent Source of Meaning.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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