Why Women Are The Stronger Sex, According To Science, But Are They?

Women are the stronger sex, so the science community is saying, but is that so important? And why is there such emphasis on that issue? Yes, we have some pretty incredible science and history supporting women’s greatness. With that in mind let’s look at some terrific reasons to celebrate your womanliness today.

We are not saying that one gender is smarter than the other, but it appears that little girls are doing better in elementary school, and female grads now account for about 60% of U.S. Bachelor’s degree owners. The world’s highest recorded IQ holder is a woman according to the Guinness Book of /world Records.

Women now actually outperform men on IQ test. Statistics now show that women handily beat their male counterparts on the IQ scale. What about the mere fact that our immune systems are significantly stronger? You will love this one “Statistically” speaking; it turns out that women are better drivers than men. What you have just read is recorded as facts, and has been proven as such.



What about money? Women have been proven to be better with money. Studies show that women make for superior investors for oh so many reasons. An exciting discovery was it turns out that a woman invented the original version of Monopoly in 1904. The story of monopoly is an interesting story do read about the inventor ” Elizabeth Magie” her original was called the “Landlord Game.”

How about this one despite still being quite the minority in the U.S. Congress, a joint study from Stanford University and the University of Chicago proves that women are more effective legislators in the national arena.

What about that oh so tired claim that women aren’t funny, ladies are clearly dominating comedy these days. Women now saturate your media look to your beloved icon/media mogul “Oprah”, Arianna, and Martha. We have to take a bow to Arianna for her current efforts to eliminate burnout and encourages us all to thrive in our careers without sacrificing our mental and emotional health.

Facts are facts and women are better decision-makers than men. Women are better leaders and more thoughtful of others when it comes to decisions making. How about that for women’s empowerment?

Well, we women may not be as efficient as men in lifting a hundred kilos or aggressively fighting our way across situations and, that’s ok. What we as women have are the many other scientific facts that make us stronger than men, and that’s the fact. We are not saying that women are better just stronger in many ways, and only the strong man will appreciate and value that as fact and embrace it because he is strong.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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