Why Some Women Are Angry And The Causes!

Why some women are angry and the causes. Many women will disagree with these reasons but much research has gone into these findings, and it is not saying that it is all women but many are angry and these are some of the reasons. We are not saying that men are not mad at you as well we know that they are, but here we are talking about women only.

When a young girl is not loved properly in her upbringing, some of these root causes are quite common. All women want and require the love of a mature, detached, non-sexually involved man in her life. It is a fatherly love that they crave. Women also want and ideally need an excellent male role model, this helps them to grow up centered and relaxed.

When one’s father or older brother does not provide the right role model, young girls become furious, and it gets worse if they later marry men who are like their somewhat dysfunctional father or older brothers. Several examples are quite easy to spot when this happens to be the case as it is with so many of our young girls. Many teens and older women experience less than ideal treatment from men and society in general.

What happens and is proven as you witness it would be some of the examples below because of bad parenting:

SPOILING. When parenting skills are lacking spoiling often takes front row center because it is easier for the parents.

SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE. The farther may be alcoholic, or a poor provider or perhaps he mistreats his wife, and that could be in several different ways.

ABUSIVE AND UNAVAILABLE. Often this is done without understanding the why of it. Emotional or mental abuse is more common and put onto women more so than men. Either one or both of the parents make themselves unavailable to their children.

THE WRONG VALUES AND LIFESTYLES. Mainly because Christian values today seems to have been put on the back-burner. Instead, the exposure to religious values in a positive way seems to be discouraged. The so-called liberal, socialist and progressive values, and left wing victim thinking is in the lead. Even if it appears to be hidden or suppressed, it can result in tremendous anger.

The best and still the number one way to let go of anger is Forgiveness. It can be a long process. It is not enough to say I forgive it has to be a repeated prayer for forgiveness over and over. A nutritional balancing program will be needed, and in all cases can only support your growth. What you want is to release and surrender and build your sense of purpose and strength anew from the inside out.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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