What Is Wisdom And How Is It Achieved In life?

Wisdom understands how to apply knowledge in the real world; it is cultivated by the following, knowledge and by developing skills in the world. Discernment and discretion are both components of wisdom, and the cultivation of wisdom you will find based on these two strong words. Both of these two are very fundamental aspects of your education. Wisdom deals with the application of the greater power which lives within you and seeks to express itself. It aims to express itself through you, gaining access to this higher power and learning of its grace, its intelligence and your intrinsic relationship with it represents the focal point of your education in your life.

Learning how to gain access to knowledge, how to receive training, how to accept knowledge, how to interpret experience, how to apply knowledge and how to become a vehicle for its expression in life requires the cultivation of wisdom. Knowledge lives within you at the moment, but your ability to receive it, to relate to it to express it requires the development of a whole new understanding and approach to life.

You are brought into the world with a greater purpose and mission how fascinating is that? What a gift. The purpose and the mission remain mysterious. You are not able to define it, but you can give it some definition and expression. What you have to do is learn to deal with the tangible world in a practical way and open yourself to the mystery of your life. When you can do this with reverence and humility it will represent a new threshold in learning for you and that begins your wisdom.


Wisdom then represents the ability to translate knowledge into our world. The turning of it into the world becomes your function, to be a vehicle for creativity and creation. It should become the highest expression of your mind and your body, to be a vehicle for the greater power that lives within you, and that power represents the essential and immortal aspect of yourself. Wisdom is an experience, an experience of openness and recognition, an experience of being in contact with two realities simultaneously.

What you begin to see is the reality of your physical life in the world and the reality of your divine life, your spiritual life which represents your intrinsic relationship with the God force however you define it. Where you place yourself and what you open yourself to is an expression of your development in wisdom. When wisdom is about you will know the right thing to say to the right person in the right place at the right time.

Wisdom is not something that you possess alone. It represents a relationship, your relationship with the greater power in your life and with creation itself. When wisdom is with you, it will guide and instruct you in areas that are beyond your understanding and capacity. How you stay open to learning and understanding will allow things to be shown and demonstrated to you that you will be able to comprehend.

Knowledge and wisdom are different although they are related. Wisdom is something that you learn through activity in the world. It must be learned. Knowledge cannot be acquired; reclaiming it is the only way to obtain it. Wisdom is something that you develop as you go along. It is a set of skills in learning how to be in the world. It is an expression of wisdom given to you according to your purpose and mission that you are here learning to serve.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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