Why Women Dread Aging And Become Invisible!

Why Women Dread Aging And Become Invisible!

Women around the world seem to worry and dread getting older much more than men do, and China is the number one country, can you believe it? China is the most strange country because the number one concern is “who will take care of me?” The French take an entirely different stand and seem to be the least concerned about aging.

When we mention aging and how it affect women let’s speak to the number one top fear: Losing Attractiveness and becoming “Invisible.” The primary concerns are wrinkles, sagging breast, gray hair, a permanence post-baby belly, dry skin weight gain and it goes on and on. These concerns gain enormous weight because we are a culture that prizes dewy youth.

What we know now is that these fears persist right into the 70’s and the 80’s. Women are always, unfortunately , more concerned about whether they appear old. Your appearance as women is connected to and associated with your functional status. To fight off the fear self-care has to be implemented, it might be a cliche, but it’s true ” You are as young as you feel”, so diet exercise and laughter pay off.

A big fear and maybe the most significant for women is the death of a spouse and women are left alone; this one figures high on a list of why the dread of aging is so pronounced. A big example that ticks off many women is seeing a much older man with a young lady 20 to 30 years younger. The reverse of that for the aging woman is none existing. The best way to avoid that thinking is to gain more intimacy and become less self-centered and connect with others.


The fear of being without funds and being financially destitution is a grave concern for many women. The anxiety over not having as much money as they anticipated. is a huge issue for many women. Today even the young women are being more mindful of their financial situation and, putting a bit away starting with small amounts each month for retirement.

When you can take good care of your health, it will go a long way in offsetting the fear of illness. Cancer is still the number one dread that women face. You make sure that you do all the right things each year with your routine screenings. What you as women fear and, it can take the lead for many is to be dependent on others.

In all reality, both males and females dread becoming a burden to others. Women who are the majority caretakers, dread being in this situation the most, for they have seen and understand the implications of looking at others and being dependent on them. People can revitalize themselves at any age.

What you want to do is own the aging process instead of fighting it because it will make it easier to value your older self. There has never been a better time to age, to challenge the narrative of aging. When you can accept the decline and age-denial and celebrate longevity, you will come out as the winner. We go on learning until our final breath, “Personal Growth,” perhaps that is why they call it growing old.

Until   the   next   time,   take   good   care   and   be   well.


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