Why Supreme Excellence Is Simplicity, In All Things!

Why do you think that excellence is simplicity, in all things? It is safe to say that onward to fame and fortune or climbing life’s ladder we have been left many examples of how excellence was a part of the journey to one’s success. You have heard many leading figures in our society say that “Simplicity” is the crowning excellence in art. The secret for you take away from this blog is that the pursuit of simplicity in all things will serve you well.

Here is one secret, if not the secret, of success in all pursuits and positions. Humanity puts on airs; it does so to make a profound impression. It must be elaborate and imposing in order to be influential; it seems to think. When simplicity is not a part of one’s social life, it will often bring in the artificial in one’s social surroundings. In dress, manners, customs, education, and even in religion, the elaborate is sought rather than the simple; a grave and sad mistake, for the “crowning excellence of nature is simplicity.”

The closer man can get to natural is to be simple, and not artificial. The fact of this statement is present and applies to man in all of his nature and all relations of life. True self-respect challenges the respect of others. No person has reason to claim the respect of his fellows unless he first respects himself, for this act is the outcome of the only elements of character that can command the sincere regard of men.

Simple, but not easy, there is a difference between simple and easy, so please do not confuse the two. Simple means the opposite of complicated, it means easily or readily understood. What simple is not to say is easy to implement, in fact, an add-on to this would be the simpler the thing is to understand, often the more difficult it is to do. The suggestion here would be to embrace the simple but do not expect it to be easy. When you can do this and succeed at being humble, you are on your way to excellence.

When you can remember and take this fact to heart, you are on your way to excellence, easy is a minimum amount of effort to produce a result. Easy is no strain, no effort, no investment, no commitment. Easy is something that many people desire, secure work where work is disproportionate to effort, bet you know people like that and wonder why they are that way? The comfortable life is where the challenge is significantly less important than victory, where growth matters less than achievement.

Simple is very hard. Simple is the removal of everything except what is important. Simple is the carving away of marble until the statue of “DAVID” appears. Simple is minimalism; simple is removing complexity and distilling down things to their core essence. Simple is extremely hard to do well. It may seem easy at first because there’s always some easy stuff to remove in the beginning, but as you carve away more and more, more and more skill and mastery are required, because you don’t want to remove needed things, nor do you want to remove the wrong things.

Capture in your mind the difference between simple and easy and know the place for each in everything that you do. When you do, you will begin to understand and appreciate the qualities of excellence.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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