Why Many Women Don’t Want To Be Called Feminists

Why Many Women Don’t Want To Be Called Feminists

The question before you is “Do You Identify as a feminist? Are you a feminist? It’s a fact that to many young women the term seems aggressive, dated and intimidating and for those reasons the hesitation to own the term. We know that lots of celebrities routinely reject the term: Taylor Swift is not a feminist because she doesn’t think about things as guys versus girls.

What of other examples: Lady Gaga, is not because she “loves men”; Sarah Jessica Parker is a humanist, Shailene Woodley also “loves men” and believes in “sisterhood” more than feminism. It is a bit unclear why we care if celebrities are feminist or not and, it seems to always be women who are ask the question. It could be that this way of thinking only reinforces the myth that feminism is about hating men or that it’s simply unattractive or uncool.

Reluctance to use and be association with the word feminist may be more about education and information than the word itself. The problem seems to be the word itself, and not what it stands for. Once people have clarity about the word and the history behind it for both men and women they are more likely to embrace the word. How many women especially reject the word because they feel it rejects them?




Feminism is a hot and meaty conversation and knowing a bit of the history about the beginning up to now a profound study. Women who have been vocal and we need to know more about their mindset trust that the list is endless but let’s begin with” Ida B. Wells”, feminist anti-lynching journalist; who took a stance on lynching and the sexual violence of white men against black women. Alice Walker who coined the term “womanism” do look it up and get familiar with her theory. The president of “ Now” in 1969 the one and only “Betty Freidan”, another along with “Gloria Steinem” every woman needs to be up to speed with their way of seeing and being involved with the movement.

Today feminist identity seems to be changing, and the Internet may get the credit for this change in the thinking of young women. Women between the ages of 18 to 29 are the group most likely to self-identify as feminism, they are as well the group that came of age with Internet access. Online spaces offer and endless stream of information, with ideas both good and bad and young people are able to discern the best of it.

The main reason that so many women did not want to be called a feminist was for lack of knowing and with the negative meanings attached it was understood why.  The Internet contributes to a heightened awareness not only of what feminism is, but how womanhood and sexism are experienced differently by women of different backgrounds. The Internet access might mean that you could be talking with a woman on the other side of the country or halfway around the world.

Welcome the change about us all, men and women proudly identifying as feminists and doing the hard work of promoting women’s rights every day. The new word might be, Empowering women to be and have all that is their right but the movement still holds the title feminist take it to heart and stand in its History to always be about your right to be you and to stand in your power.

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