Why Failure Isn’t As Bad As You May Believe When It Comes To Fashion!

Making mistakes and looking upon them as failures especially in your fashion choices can be your best teacher. Painful tho they may be looked upon them as low-key pain that in the end will save you time and money next time around. The root cause of these mishaps will always boil down to some type of a styling issue that you were not sure of and took a chance on. What you have to remember is that your clothes reflect how you’re feeling so the old saying, you are what you wear still holds merit. Your clothing style has to be an inner and outer reflection of how you communicate who you are at your core.

When you begin to take your wardrobe seriously, you will start to consolidate it. You will accept that the overflow is a result of not knowing what is best for you and your lifestyle. The next sign that you’ve failed is that you are bored with the look and styles that you’ve selected; they don’t work for you anymore. The big one is that you no longer value your mirror it does not project back to you the way you want to appear. These are just a few signs that you have failed at providing the right fashion style that fits you and your lifestyle.

How you avoid the failure of dressing not in the right mode for your age whatever that age becomes another sign. You can add to that baring too much skin, yes your body is beautiful, and it should be seen and admired. What you want to do is learn how to dress it in the right looks that give you the edge and eye appeal that flatters your body shape and adds pizzas. When you are covering yourself in designer labels, that’s just another sign of failure. When you do only names, it expresses not the authentic you, and that’s not stylish. You want to be in style and learn how to make the right choices for you that highlight your best assets.
( for that you don’t need labels)

If you’re like most females, you love fashion and looking good. What you embrace is that when you look good, your confidence level is boosted and you feel terrific. What we’re speaking about today is learning how to strike a balance between fashion and comfort. You want to avoid mistakes and not to fail at acquiring the right look for your body shape and fashion personality. Here is what you need to know whether you’re a fashionista or you just dress for comfort; it will be difficult not to fall victim every so often to fashion mistakes. How you learn from your failures is where you’ll learn not to repeat that mistake again.

Remember this failure in fashion while you’re developing your signature style will occur. What you must know and embrace is that there are fashion brands that are great for everyone and every age your assignment is to discover which styles are best and fit you to a tee.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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