Why Don’t More Women Know About Their Body Shape?

The research shows that nine out of ten women do not know the name of their body shape. Women are more obsessed with their appearance than many are willing to admit. Does this mean it is an indication of vanity, no it does not narcissism implies conceit, excessive pride in one’s appearance? When you have concerns about your presence, it is quite reasonable and understandable. Attractive people have a distinct advantage in our society. It has been proven, and our nation grants beautiful people a right of passage.

Why is it so difficult for women to accept their bodies? The reasons are endless. Women’s dislike for their bodies is such an everyday phenomenon, and it cuts deep into their sense of self-esteem. The constant battle to stay thin is ongoing, and it does not help that so few have an understanding of their body shape. When you know your body shape, it makes it so much easier to dress your body, and that knowledge will take tons of worry out of the picture. Diets don’t work so, get to know your body shape and wear it accordingly.

Your goal is to get beyond grieving for the body you’ll never have, dress for the body that you have and do it well elevate your style of dress.

The body shape, posture and size of women changes often for many varying reasons. Childbirth, aging, health concerns and many others tend to give the body a tendency to change and shift with age especially. Knowing these facts, you will be much better off knowing your body shape and how best to dress it. Sixty-three percent of women prefer help and advice when shopping for clothes that will fit them best for all the reasons we stated and, for professional business attire as well.

When you know this fact it will make it much easier for you to shop and choose the right wardrobe that fits your body shape. Your body shape is the beginning step to acquiring your signature style and stamp. Body shapes also go in and out of fashion yet, when you know how to dress for your body shape whatever is in, and popular will not affect your style. The emphasis on body parts today like the breast, bum, lips will have its time and then what will it be? If you have your Signature style and stamp, you will ride the craze knowing that it is just the craze and it too will pass. When it moves, you will still be standing and in your elevated, polished and pulled together look that fits you to a tee.

When you know your body shape and dress for it, you can maximize it with your signature style. Your Signature style will always begin with your understanding and be accepting of your body shape, so get to know it and learn to embrace it. One will not ever have Authentic Style not knowing their body shape, so discover what yours is and be grateful for it and learn how to style it best.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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