Why Does “Knowledge Is Power “And Common Sense Seem So Unrelated?


Why Does “Knowledge Is Power “And Common Sense Seem So Unrelated?

Everyone has heard at some time or another that knowledge is power but, may not fully understand how to translate it into improving their lives in a practical way. Here is where common sense comes into play, and it as well appears not to be in practice as much today as it should be, why? When we educate ourselves, we learn new things that we were previously unaware of, and this gives us the ability to make better decisions.

What we know for sure is that common sense consists of knowledge and reasoning methods that are utterly obvious to us, and we often overlook its astonishing scope and power. In short most of what we know and most of the conscious thinking we do has its roots in common sense. The more valuable of a person you are, the more people will want to be around you, and to work with you and introduce you to others who can help you or you can assist them in their work.

The best thing about knowledge is that no matter what happens in your life, knowledge is something that nobody can ever take away from you ever. When you learn a new and revolutionary idea that transforms the way you view the world, it is yours forever. One day you will realize that the constant pursuit of knowledge is one of the pillars of your success and happiness. How you see and accept knowledge will add to and connect with common sense.




The question about how the two relate and connect is relevant and let’s not omit any discussion of common sense. Which aspects of common sense are innate and which aspects are learned by you? How are they learned and to what extent do they depend on the culture and the individual? The mention today of the words common sense brings about a significant topic for conversation because it appears that many feel that it has taken on new wings and has no substances as it once did in the olden days so to speak.

How we view many things today are different because of technology but one of the things that we need to get away from is the notion that science and technical know-how is a general purpose magic bullet that will solve all problems. The spreading of knowledge which is so prevalent today because of technology is not to be confused with depth of knowing. Today with easy access to information and plenty of education options, even specialized knowledge does not give you power.

In this era of widespread, inexpensive communications, knowledge spreads way too fast for it to hold power for long. One of the best and most valuable lessons to learn here is that knowledge is not power but the sharing of is is and the best of conventional sense. Two people will collectively know more than one. Three will find out more than two, and when you have a room full of smart people sharing their knowledge, there is not much that they can’t accomplish together.

We are born to think, to learn and to innovate. Choosing to remain ignorant goes against human nature and common sense. The Internet has made knowledge ubiquitous. Fact and information are easy to find, easy to sort and organize, and easy to understand, and it is portable. What is increasing valuable is wisdom and it is made up of knowledge, experience understanding, and common sense, and that is what makes it so rare.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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