Why Caution In Your Signature Style Works Best!

Why the word caution when we speak to fashion and especially the world of fashion style? Well, one of the first signs of a healthy and confident woman is her image. What’s OK today to wear in the workplace and even if you’re an entrepreneurial businesswoman has to have its boundaries. Today it seems to appear pointless to speak to what’s appropriate business attire. Yet, even today the best policy for your business attire should remain classic and somewhat understated and always professional.

What we tend to see more of when it comes to dressing, is that the professional code is still up for discussion. The understanding seems to be that the word professional has taken on a different meaning, so the question is why it has? Casual is the new norm today yet, even so, when it is a business environment, it should be business-like dressing. Leadership that emanates from the top and has to be the example that’s looked to, and being cautious about fashion and style, especially for women has to be upheld.

Caution with your signature style will always take you where you need to be. Just accept that leadership is all about discretion and you are a part of a community that serves and is a business.



How you show up where ever you go if you are in business your own or working for a company you need to consider these guidelines. Here is a list of what not to wear no excuses ever. How a person dress is both physical expression and a means of nonverbal communication. When you look at the zillion of makeover shows for both men and women, you begin to see see the power that clothing has over the way we view one another. Often times caution is required’s let’s look at some significant no’s.

When did you first hear the old adage that reads like this ” dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Why is that so powerful? Remember that one’s attire is hard to discuss, yet it is never overlooked. What you want to do is look and think of it this way; how you dress is one aspect about your presence where you have complete control of it to take full advantage of it.
How you use caution and apply a few wise rules of fashion to your image will put you in the driver’s seat.

Where you will always be better off is when you remember to dress for presence, not comfort. Casual does not mean sloppy. Wearing revealing clothes at work is a no-no. A blazer will look professional, and you can dress it up or down, and you have tons of options. Caution having your signature style and stamping it to you will always be your gateway to where you are meant to be. When you seek to form and allow it to give you the current image you desire you will have a win-win.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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