Why Are You Allowing Fear To Take Away Your Power?

Why Are You Allowing Fear To Take Away Your Power?

When you ask most people what is the number one reason that holds them back from living their true life of greatness and purpose, the answer will most likely be some form of fear. The question before you would be why are you allowing fear to take away your power? Fear is an inherent part of our growth and development and how we take it in and use it is our learning process.

Fear can transform you when you take it and use it as fuel and allow it to move you forward to your greater fulfillment. Let’s look at a few strategies that will support and connect you with the real power that is naturally within your DNA. We will look to the real courage, strength, and power that is already and wait for you to reveal it.

What you must do is recognize fear as a sign of your growth and when you do take on this mantra and be ready to repeat it as often as you need to and make it sing. Say as often as you need to “Whatever Happens I Will Handle It.” Remember that fear can take our attention and focus, and direct it to what we don’t want or what we want to move away from, why this happens is because we know that whatever we give our attention to will grow.

Create an affirmation of what you want some examples would be what is it that you want? – Making money excites you and energise you, use that and turn it into a question – example, what is it about me that creates and attracts money quickly?




Never underestimate the power of your imagination, picture you in a setting where you are completely in charge, set the scene and use your imagination to see you in a position of power, be it. Someone once said there is no fear or limitation in the mind of God. If that be true, then our fears are created by ourselves and on the other side of fear exists the pure love that we have within us.

What is a good way to express this way of looking at things, it is to remember that we are all here in “The Earth School,” where there is no failure, no losers, just those who are learning. When you can embrace that we are here to ultimately “experience and experiment”, you are on your way to releasing your fears and accepting your role and purpose of being here on this planet.

One of the best ways to turn your fears into super powers is, to be honest about what yours are and to speak to them, it might seem difficult but believe that it can transform your life forever. One way to do this as an example is to read this letter that was written to open the door to fear. It reads like this: Dear Beloved; I wish to speak on behalf of my brothers and sisters; anxiety, Terror, Panic, Nervous, Apprehensive, Worry and on it goes.

When you read this letter fear, you will know that it is written to tell you that I love you, and I am in full support of your life, your dreams and your happiness. You (fear) are determined to conquer me, overcome me and avoid me at all costs. I am not the enemy fear no, by far and away you are mistaken. That is not true. The truth is fear, yes I am your ally and one of your most essential superpowers.

What we are going to do instead of you (fear) trying to rid yourself of me, numb me, medicate me, suppress me, and resist me and doing so in other ways as well. You are working so hard to rid me of the joy of the moment and the joy of being fully alive. Is that not silly?  So,(fear) let’s learn to be buddies again because we deserve to live life fully.

Over time, you will awaken to the truth that FEAR is your beloved servant and when you do joy, love, peace, bliss and freedom will be eternally within you to use in the best ways for your purpose.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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