The word lady has become a core word that seems to be losing the actual meaning of what a lady represents, and young girls prefer the word female or woman, why? The word lady takes in the fundamental mutability of modern feminism. The word lady today has come to occupy the middle ground. Disrespected was something that you could never apply to a lady, never, never. We need more of that mindset and outlook today.

The word lady of old was a woman who never talks out of turn, she didn’t work but she lunches, and so many other of that type meaning. Well, times have changed, and today we are exploring what it means to be a lady in a world where high moral standards are not often upheld, and women often behave like men. Feminists in the 1960s and 70s objected to the term, especially in the professional context. The argument was “woman” should be the neutral default.

Today the word lady splits the difference between the fantasizing young girl and the stuffy, bureau cold woman. It appears they both have their place just not in the witty conversation that young feminists want to have. The word lady has entered into the professional world as well but with a different spin. However it is used today, there seems to be a tongue-in-cheek sensibility at work. If we are to value the real essence of the word we need to take it to the heights that it was meant to go and step away from any negative thinking of it.

Age is not something to fear, and we don’t want to be using language in a way that harks back to a whiff of the 70s seriousness about it. In many ways, the word “Lady” can be a pleasing term of addressing a woman who has earned her place in society with grace and decorum. We can not deny how many women find the word offensive, especially today. The word lady makes many think that maybe it has lost its true meaning and, it has to make you wonder why, not all women are ladies but, all ladies are women; it is a matter of choice.

Who are the ladies, all of the women who choose to be because they value the art of their femininity? Ladies are those that accept their femininity and appreciate it in all of its meanings. Knowing that there is no stretch between honoring and recognizing all the aspects of her femaleness. A lady does not get into the semantics of female versus woman versus lady because she knows simply this fact; “BEING FEMALE IS A MATTER OF BIRTH, BEING A WOMAN IS A MATTER OF AGE, BUT BEING A LADY IS A MATTER OF CHOICE.”

Why use the word lady, why not? Do not get caught up in the study of gender semantics. Lady is an upscale modern term of address, and it implies one who has a big compassionate and caring heart and a charming demeanor always well groomed and gracious. Over the next few blog post we are going to explore all the different meanings of the modern day lady so stay tuned.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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