Which Do You Value Most Knowledge Or Imagination?

Which Do You Value Most Knowledge Or Imagination?

Why the two of these words always pop up in lot’s of discussions is understandable because of what the one and only “Albert Einstein” had to say back in 1929. While being interviewed, he was asked how do you account for your discoveries? Through intuition or inspiration? Albert Einstein replied both, sometimes I feel I am right, but do not know it. Knowledge versus Imagination. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Artists, geniuses, and other rebellious spirits have often claimed vision as their territory. Knowledge, that dull conviction resulting from a brush with reality, is black nd white, logical, stable and on it goes. Your view of which one is more important will depend on your personality. We all know that the brilliance of many artists was grounded in years of hard work and training.

Throughout our development, we have all relied on a blend of imagination and knowledge. Both are valuable, so what then is the relationship between them? It would be safe to say that knowledge is a stepping stone to the imagination and that it stands to the imagination as a honeycomb to honey. Imagination is something more than memory, something novel. Your imagination has to be grounded in your knowledge. The more memories you accumulate, the more material you will have to work with, and the richer and fruitful will be your imitation.




Where do you stand between the two? Was Einstein right? Is imagination more important than knowledge? It appears in our times today our realities have become more complicated, and we seem more and more to prefer imagination. The preference is culture-dependent. Creativity flourishes when its products are highly valued. Leisure, wealth and a degree of political stability are prerequisites for the freedom essential to creativity, and the use of artistic products as indicators of social status.

How about this for the best “Food for thought” Imagination is the highest freedom of all, and the one that no one can deprive us of, do you agree? You have to praise the greatness of creative imagination which is a given for the romantics and artists of the world and the brightest of scientific brains. Most people today say that the idea is the beginning of everything, but the ingredients in the capsule of success are perception, skill, consciousness, focus, persistence, and belief. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Wisely said by “Ralph Waldo Emerson.”

What matters most for any success is a focus, when you combine it with knowledge and imagination you can climb the highest mountain of achievement. Desire and determination combine to a substance that reigns above all, and it will be what “Plato” said about the importance of desire, that it must drive the soul with a reigned in “craziness.”

Do we end this article with the dreamers and the visionaries of the world, which category do they fit into and would it be safe to say that they as well are a combination of both the best of Knowledge and Imagination? Again which one fits you best?

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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