Where There Is Laughter, There Is Hope!

Where there is laughter, there is hope, don’t know why exactly, but I have always loved this quote. The role of laughter has always been a big part of my life and when I think back on it the reasons why become quite clear. The purpose of humor was a large part of my upbringing, my uncles and aunts were great storytellers, and they were mostly humorous and beyond funny; so there was a lot of laughter in our household. Mainly because in real life things are often times not so strange.

Mark Twain said, “A smile or laugh is perhaps, the most exquisite thing in nature.” Humor though as we know now is not for everyone and what one finds funny is always maybe not so funny to another. Humor is subjective, and everything depends on the perception of what we see and hear. We now know that humor can ease the pain, make a point and break the ice. Humor is a valid and sometimes necessary component for coping.

What now for me is clear is how my family members used humor to cope and get through much of what was painful for them. It is clear to me now how my aunts and uncles used it as a valuable aid in the maintenance of their mental and physical health. The beauty of it was the gift they gave to me for the appreciation of humor. My storytelling skills are sorely lacking but thanks to them my love for the art form is heartfelt and sincere.

Laughter can often be associated with humor and brings a smile to the face. Humor gives most times a feeling of warmth and good times. Humor heightens both arousal and attention. Now my realizing how my family members used laughter around a problem to deal with the discomfort of it and move on to other pressing matters like survival. Being able to see the humor in a less than ideal situation is a survival skill. Knowing now that if you can find humor in anything, you can survive it.

It was ( Shakespeare ) who said ” A light heart lives long “

Add wit to laughter, and it becomes ego-strengthening, which should be reinforced. ,

My way of telling jokes is a much-missed art form, but it does not keep me from still working at it. The heart Institute puts out a statement which should be upheld by everyone, it says, in part, ” Maintaining a good sense of humor is very important towards maintaining good health and a sense of well being.” Humor is an art form but it can be embraced by all and should be because where there is laughter, there is hope and who does not value HOPE?

Laughter can be the best medicine, and when we use it with love it can heal and gives hope, nothing is better than that even money can not compare. Humor is uniquely personal; it is a form of communication that can be beneficial to us all in one way or another. As we age we laugh less so, it is wise for us to be childlike and see the world as more humorous because that is what children do, so learn to smile more and value laughter and humor.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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