When And Why Do Women Start To Give Up On Their Appearance?

When and why do so many women begin after a particular time in their life to stop caring about their appearance? Appearance, image, and one’s presence are critical to happiness and success in life, and you can’t fake it. Yes, there is a particular pressure on women to look a sure way to succeed. Many women feel too much pressure to look like the images of the perfect women in the media that they are bombarded with every day.

How do you accept the philosophy that you should love what you see in the mirror especially when you’re a bit heavy, and the skin is not what you’d like for it to be anymore? Here are the facts every woman should care about how she looks if she wants to realize a level of success and self-sufficiency. It might be easy to say begin to love yourself from the inside out rather than to adhere to that outlook.

Well, quite a bit of research has determined that it takes a person a split second to form a judgment of someone that they’re meeting. The brain calculates your value regarding age, social standing and how approachable you are within 30 seconds. First impressions are formed in less than a tenth of a second. Women in all circles cannot afford to give up on their appearance, no excuse will suffice.

Not a woman today can afford to hang up the banner of always being at her best. We are not advocating plastic surgery or extreme diets. What we are saying is that you can take up the flag of presenting an attractive, updated, professional image that represents how you want the world to judge you and rise to show your best signature style. A great example would be you work hard at developing your speaking and writing skills, the visual impact should be just as significant to you as your signature style and stamp.

Not a woman today who still cares about herself want to appear frumpy, dated, and old-fashion in her dress. You need to represent yourself as you want to be seen and not one that is just coasting through with no regard for her branding and image one and the same. Once you do this, your posture and your stride will change as well for the best. Old-fashion is not a look that will ever be embraced especially in women’s fashion style.

However, you take this, do not think that it means you are being enslaved by ludicrous fashion and beauty standards. Entirely the opposite takes place when you rise to discover and develop your own signature, style, and stamp. You are making the right steps to embrace your femininity and sexuality. Femininity and sexuality you have at any age your assignment are to learn how to best expresses it. You are here to shine, your greatness and power lie within the best image, appearance, and presence that fits you and your lifestyle.

( We don’t acknowledge casual that’s frumpy and out-dated. )
(And neither should you! )

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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