What Youth Fear About Aging And Why It’s Forever Present With Young Women!

What Youth Fear About Aging And Why It’s Forever Present With Young Women!

We are deep into the age of anti-aging not only for the mature woman but young women as well. When you think of the challenges facing young girls and guys today, you get the depth of this anti-aging cycle that we’re living in today. Why do teens think about facial lines and wrinkles? How early does it start? It makes you wonder what are we attempting to ward off?

What we know is that midlife women if you will are aware of viable changes in their appearance as life moves forward. The extremes that women will go to to so that they can ward off and defy these changes in their facial and bodies image are most times in the extreme. Young women who are around women who feel this way ultimate suffer the same anguish.

The reality is that we live in a society that is obsessed with youth and beauty. No young girl can escape the messages that bombard them in the media about he importance of looking younger, thinner, stronger, enhanced and better. The outlook for young women who see this type of reality is that it shows up and is not positive. Transformation in all the best ways is not showed. The message being sent out is one of seeking perfection and not self-love and acceptance.




Plastic surgery is rampant today and the young women who seek it is ongoing and never ending. When you look, you can see how the internet which is the fastest rising market promoting plastic surgery, and this is where young kids spend half their lives. How are young kids to be able to distinguish between what is real and what is not? Airbrushed is what they see on the tube. Young kids are growing up around digitally or surgically enhanced everything, everywhere, what are we telling our youth?

What we are sharing is not merely observations, the number of cosmetic procedures remains highest among midlife women, but the largest increase is seen as well with young women. We have made a decision about what beauty looks like in this country and everybody “teens in particular” want to fit the mold. What we need is for more mature senior elder women. However, you wish to word it to allow young girls to work more on their self-esteem and self-worth, their inner beauty.

How about this wasn’t adolescence supposed to be about learning to cope and deal with the kinds of struggles that prepare them for the rest of adulthood? When a 16-year-old ask you for a desire to have Botox, or for that matter any other type of procedure, what role do we as adults play in that response to the request for it? You are to question this application for many reasons; no quick fix will override the internal puzzle that needs your loving and positive response.

The bottom line is this we are the adults and even with the overwhelming power of the internet, the foundation has to be in place based on your sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Work with young people, and guide them to the right means to question and look to the inside, and be the guiding example of strength and beauty that they need to see in you and your outlook on life.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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