What type of power do you have might seem like oh no not me but trust me you do have it. The best way to ask this question might be are you aware that you have power and if so how are you using it? You have to understand and evaluate, and know your source of power. What is the power that you have that will serve you best in the long term? When you understand and acknowledge that you do have it, you will be better able to influence others in the most positive ways.

When you know your power, you will become more effective at influencing others and helping them to get in touch with their power. Have you asked yourself what is power and how does it impact you and how do you influence others? The most influencing power is that which gives people the chance to see their behavior in a positive light. How will you use your power to help people overcome resistance, and to get people to do things that they thought they could not do?

How we use our power will speak a lot about the type of person we are at our core. We all march to the beat of two major powers. Personal power and positional power are the two primary sources of power. How you use the two to get things done will put you in a better position if you are aware of the two type and how best to use the.

Let’s look at the two categories and give an explanation of each:


Positional power is granted by a superior and based on rank within an organization. It is a power that is task oriented and will always focus on giving orders. There are several different types of positional powers one being:

LEGITIMATE POWER – It relies solely on holding a position of responsibility

REWARD POWER – You have the authority to determine who will receive rewards

COERCIVE POWER – It is based on your ability to punish, discipline, or withhold rewards, it operates on fear


There is no doubt this is the best authority to own, it is not given you own it, and it is given right back to you from your tribe. The personal power is when you have the ability to motivate and inspire others.

Personal power has two other types to know and understand.

EXPERT POWER – It stems from the unique expertise, and specific knowledge and skill set that you own. People come to you because of the ability that you show in solving problems or performing a certain task.

REFERENT POWER – It ties in with personal power because it stems from your charisma and your reputation. People like and admire you and your accomplishments. The people will support your causes and see you as a positive role model that they will trust and follow they support you and your stance in what you stand for and support your efforts to that cause.

How you show up and stand in your power will be essential to your success, so we end with “WHERE DOES YOUR POWER COME FROM,” and how are you using it?

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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