What The World Needs To Know About Female Fashion Designers!

What the world needs to know about female fashion designers is that we don’t have enough and the question is why? Men still rule the high fashion world but, women are gaining yet we have a long way to go. The fashion industry is slowly seeing women coming in as lead fashion designers, yet we are far away from a win-win. It seems quite simple, yet maybe not, it is accepted that women are instinctively in tune with women and understanding what works for them. What we see with the men designers overall is that there designs lean towards fantasy more than the reality of the female body.

Yes, we do have quite a few female designers yet not enough. Female designers are the ones wearing the clothes, so they know what it feels and looks like on them and, what works best for a woman and her lifestyle. When we express it this way, the discussion becomes varied, but it ends up here more or less. Men tend to be more imaginative and creative and less concerned with the practical. Today with the fashion business becoming more casual and practical, women seem to be more in the mainstream. In the real world, good design speaks whether it is designed by a male or female.

Yet, there is no getting around the fact that women understand and comprehend the female body in ways that the best male designers cannot digest.

What we all must do male and female is to allow the merit of the design to speak for itself. The billion-dollar fashion industry is ruled by men, and there is no getting away from that fact. When you see a famous male designer never forget that he has a female muse a woman that he uses for inspiration. Female designers don’t need a muse because she knows her body and understands and get the female body in all of it’s multiple and varied beautiful details. How the bias about female designers has always been up front, and personal happens to be a fascinating story.

When it comes into the conversation at the top, the central assumption seems to be that men are better at business. Look at the fashion Icons, and the majority are/were men, and they ruled their empires. The rule stated is that if you are talented and tenacious, you are bound to succeed. The question we have to ask ourselves is how the industry for women can fail to fuel its female designers? How can that be, many say that it is a combination of the corporate culture, institutional bias and the old -school mentality on sex appeal. A leading female designer gave this piece of advice, this is what she said, learn everything you can about finance.

Where is the middle of the two male and female designers? It is something that is slowly on the way to significant changes, women designers are coming more and more into the big league of the fashion business. Many attribute it to the casual look that so many women love they have moved away from the high fashion designs because it never related to them and their lifestyle. Change is good and more and more women are going into the fashion business and tackling it full steam ahead and making a name that spells out the female designer.

Ladies, it is up to us to seek out the female designers and to align ourselves with the ones that resonate with our fashion style and lifestyle. When we make this move, we support the females who are designing for us, and they eventually rise to the top where they belong.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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