What Standards Do We Use To Gauge Our Worth?

What standards do you use to gauge your worth? We all need to develop an empowering belief about our self-worth as a person, and it should form the basis for our personal validation. Never allow someone’s else’s opinion of you to shape your view of yourself. You have the ability to build your sense of self-worth by giving sincere approval to yourself ever single day.

Your contributions are much more important than your acquisitions. Giving from the heart is a reflection of your inner self. It speaks of who you are, not how much you can afford. Making personal value judgments based on material assets is for shallow thinkers only. Leave that thinking for the creditors. We don’t want to think that way, and we don’t need to be influenced by those who do.

IQ or practical thinking ability. On the journey of life, practical smarts are of far greater value than “IQ Scores.” I am not saying that you can’t have both because you can. But test results do not make one person more valuable than another. If you have common sense and the ability to make sound decisions, then you are way ahead of the curve.


In certain academic circles, test scores may elevate someone, but that is not the real world. Someone could have the same IQ as Einstein, but a lack of common sense. Never allow test scores to make you feel more or less important than someone else. There will always be people whose test results are both higher and lower than yours. Those results have nothing to do with your self-worth or personal value. Flash or substance. This one seems obvious enough, and yet our culture often places greater value on flash.

Never mistake looks, abilities, outrageous behavior or material wealth as a measure of self-worth. The substance is the name of the game. It is what’s inside that counts. The same applies to people; it’s what’s inside that counts. When we are right to our personal ethics, we have integrity. When we care about the welfare of others, we have compassion. When we give without expecting anything in return, we are generous. Cultivate these qualities, and you will be a person of substance and value. What a wonderful foundation for a strong sense of self-worth and feelings of personal value.

What is your most valuable asset? You have something of great worth, and it is rare what is it and how do you share it? Remember that it is exclusive to you and not shared by anyone else on the planet. It is yours and yours alone, your gift, talent and your purpose, do you know what that is? You are a one of a kind, unique individual. You are you, and that alone gives you personal value and self-worth. You are different, and that’s good it was meant to take the time to appreciate you and gauge you only by your standards aside from all the trappings and outside opinions.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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