What Makes Long Lasting Loving Relationships Work?

What makes long lasting, loving relationships work? The question is a great beginning question for healthy relationships. The best answer is a simple and not so easy one for many when you can love yourself; loving other people comes to you a lot easier. You can create a satisfying, loving relationship, not just with intimacy, but in any relationship, where the attributes listed are desired and required for longevity.

Relationships define our boundaries and connections with other people. There are all kinds of relationships you can have, but today we’re going to talk about what it takes to be in one and create one that’s truly satisfying and loving. What we know now is that this subject leaves us with a lot to talk about so let’s begin. The first component of a satisfying, loving relationship is that both people must have well-defined boundaries of what’s acceptable, and what’s not.

The question is, what do you do in a circumstance where someone crosses your boundaries? Sometimes you already have a lot invested in your relationship, and you don’t want it to end, so you might resist this new behavior, or try to adapt to it. But if you can’t change, or accept it, but still want the relationship you have, you have to come to a decision. What many people do however is decide that instead of coming to a decision and taking action one way or another, they choose to stay in limbo instead.

When this happens yes, it is a decision but, it’s the worst type because it’s one that keeps the suffering around the longest. Reciprocation must be as close to equal as possible. There has to be some level of fairness and equity in any relationship. What a lot of people do is whether consciously or subconsciously is to compare making sure that things are equal. If the reciprocation is not close to equal resentment sets in and that’s a slow killer.

What you must have is an attempt at understanding each other’s difficulties in life. It is particularly the case for an employee to supervisor relationship but, just as much in all relationships. How can you make their lives easier by decreasing their challenge with ongoing problems? Once you can do this, you are going to make the other person feel on top of the world, what’s better than that feeling? When you realize that everything “wrong” with the other person is just a reflection of your struggle with acceptance, you’ll be in the winning seat.

The art of how you see other people and treat them will be a strong indication of who you are and why. Appreciate how others treat people, how do they treat other people besides you, be observing. Understanding how the people you love treat other people is a wonderful gift, when it’s available to you and when it is not you need to have good friends that will help to open your eyes.

Wanting the people you love to be happy is so at the top for a long lasting healthy relationship, even if it means the end of your relationship. It takes a evolved conscious to wish someone well when they don’t want to be with you or even love you anymore. Happy people like to be with those who give them the space to be themselves. Turning off your judgment so that they feel safe enough to tell you anything will serve you well in all your relationships.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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