What Excites You More Money Sex Or Power?


What Excites You More Money Sex Or Power?

Another way to ask you the same question would be what motivates you? It is a question that you ask maybe not the first time meeting but sooner or later it will come up and most time people are taken back by this question, why? After people get over their initial surprise at the question, they will proceed to add to an endless amount of responses. Regardless of the many answers, we get the simple stories that dominate are still focusing on just three things, money, sex, and power.

What we know now it seems more than ever human beings are naturally fascinated and excited by these three motivators. We watch the stories of celebrities, influential politicians and business leaders in hopes that it will provide us the secret formula for their professional and financial success. In the more traditional careers that would apply to the 99% of us, there is one skill that you can use to achieve the money or power of the 1%.

Consider what abilities would be most valuable if your task were to convince anyone to do what it was that you were asking them to do? Your success in any and all situations is dependent on your ability to negotiate. You read it right if you want money power and influence, then the key is to learn how to negotiate. When you have this skill in place creating an outcome with another will put you in the winners seat. Human engineering is your ability to change yourself and others.


How about this brilliant observation made and accepted by those who are in the ranks of higher awareness, it is this if you have plenty of one of the three – money – sex – power – the other two will follow. We have tons of stories written about those who are powerful and wealthy who also gained sexual notoriety, often to their determent. Consider Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger as a few examples where power and money helped create bedroom desire and many troubles.

It is hard to deny the potent effects of money and influence, but even harder to avoid the fact that negotiation is the superpower of the professional elite. Top negotiators not only sway the ideas of others, but they are masters at building rapport and a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. Another key is knowing when to assert them and take control. In any career the ability to negotiate is essential, but you must remember to be mindful of what you wish for because it will only bring you genuine happiness and fulfillment if you are at one with yourself and comfortable in your skin.

What you must know going forward and moving in the direction of money and power is that no amount of either will give you an inner sense of wholeness and happiness if you are not at peace with who you are at your core. When it comes right down to it, real fulfillment comes not from sex, money, and power. If you are one that thinks it does your happiness will be fleeting. What you can do is find long-term satisfaction in goals with deeper meaning.

Let’s end with Henry Kissinger, whether you like him or not is not the concern here, while quite a controversial figure he is renowned for helping to end the Vietnam War. By leveraging his skills, he was able to put himself in a position of power. Not surprising this led to many other benefits, such as fame and money, which gave him tremendous sex appeal.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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