What Everybody Ought To Know About The Present And Casual Dress!

What the question should be are what and when did Americans begin to dress so casually? It happens to be one of the most profound cultural changes of our times. The 20th. Century gave us the rise of the casual dress. When did we go from the standards like dressing to just being comfortable and relaxed? What we now know and accept is that casual is not the opposite of formal in all reality it is the opposite of confined. We as Americans want practicality and comfort, and it was two little words that got very little attention in the fashion world of old.

People dress casually today because of the freedom it offers. Freedom in fashion comes in many different ways, and today, the lines are blurred. What the casual has presented is the freedom that undetermined the old rules that dictates noticeable luxury for the wealthy and the functioning work clothes for the poor. What has happens is that the lines especially when it comes to social class are harder to define. The CEO today wears sandals and blue jeans not wanting to appear above, and this is occurring in the classrooms, the courtroom and the boardroom.

The global fashion market is flooded with casual and the options to mix-and-match to create a personal style. What that does for you is it give you unlimited opportunities to design and build your signature style and stamp it to your lifestyle. Casual clothes are the uniform of the American middle class. Your lifestyle will lead you to an interest in fashion so have fun and enjoy the development of your own signature style. Your style does not have to fit the norm, it has to suit you and your body shape and your personality that’s how you’ll shine.

Casual is forever present and also forever changing. Once you know the joys and comfort of unrestricted movement, you will never be the same. Remember even though this is true you can still have terrific style in whichever genre you choose. You can be casual and still be elegant and sophisticated it will always be how you put together your signature style and stamp it to your lifestyle. How you will embrace casual could be a never-ending conversation, yet, it honestly boils down to this it feels good because its comfortable.

What you need to remember and accept is that it can be represented in whichever style you wish to show it; Casual Elegant, Casual, sophisticated, casual chic. The choice is yours and unlimited.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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