What Every Woman Ought To Know About Leggings!

What should every woman know about leggings, tights, and jeggings they are all pretty much the same? Let’s get to the bare fact none of the three are pants, slacks or trousers. When you wear them correctly either of the three can look amazing on your body type. What you must learn is how to wear them where they show your body shape in its best light. You can be tall, short, curvy, or slim and wear them in style. It means that once you know your fashion signature style, you can wear them and look stylish.

If you have long legs and find it difficult to find the right dress length for you adding a pair of leggings works. Leggings under the dress will add some pizza and make the dress look better if it is too short for your long legs. When you have long legs, yet you are short in height, a monochromatic color scheme will give you a longer visual line, making you appear taller and thinner. Wearing tall boots and a tunic with leggings will add a look that fits as well as ballet flat all in one color dark or light when it is the right weight will make you seem more fashionable and stylish.

The curvy woman especially the hourglass figure looks smashing with a belted tunic worn over a pair of leggings. You have lot’s of choices, and your best bet is to make sure your hips are covered, and you’re not flaunting the wrong assets.
You must be aware of your body shape. If you have the classic pear shape body, you could think leggings are not for you generally that might be true. Why, because you are small on the top and larger on the bottom. You are always better off covering your derriere. We see far too many women showcasing their backside and often with the wrong shapewear.

What you must avoid are leggings that are in plain shiny fabrics and fabrics that are too thin. Your best bet will be thick-double-knits that won’t show bulges. There will never be any look that shows lumps that are considered fashionable. The rectangular and the inverted triangle body shape can wear leggings best yet when worn right the other body shape can as well.

The best look for either of the three, leggings, jeggings and tights will be when you pair them with something that covers the derriere. Sad to say we see too many women wearing them with the wrong shapewear or none and showing off their derriere, that is not signature style and stamp. When wearing a tunic, you make sure to wear it so that it does not stop at your widest point. You must make sure that your tunic stays either above or below the fullest part of your thighs.

Tights are a bit different and were initially made for the gym, today we see them everywhere. You take them to the next level experimenting with color, patterns, and textures. Make yourself mindful of how to wear them outside of the gym with the right boots and shoes. You can wear them under basically anything, and they are great for the colder climates. The options open to you are endless. Wear them wear them in a style that fits your body shape and your fashion personality. When you wear them in this manner, you will appear fashionable and, stylish. You want that image, and that’s what you wish to invoke, no doubt about it, right? YES!!!

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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