What Are The Signs That You Glorify Yourself?

What are the signs that you glorify self? It is important to recognize the signs that you are investing in the harvest of self-glory. Wisdom should be your goal and here are some of the things that you should look to rid yourself of, because they serve you not at all.

You Parade In Public What You Should Keep Private:

You will tend to tell personal stories that make you the hero. You will find ways, in public settings, of talking about individual acts of faith. Because you think you’re worthy of acclaim, you will seek the approval of others by finding ways to present yourself as “godly.”

You Might Be Way Too Self-Referencing:

Proud people tend to talk about themselves a lot. Proud people tend to like their opinions more than the opinions of others. Proud people think their stories are more interesting and engaging than others. Proud people think they know and understand more than others. Proud people, because they are proud of what they know and what they’ve done, talk a lot about both. Proud people don’t reference weakness. Proud people don’t speak of failure. Proud people don’t confess sin. So proud people are better at putting the spotlight on themselves than they are at shining the light of their stories and opinions on others.

Maybe You Talk When You Should Be Quiet:

When you think you’ve arrived, you are quite proud of and confident in your opinions. You trust your opinions, so you are not as interested in the opinions of others as you should be. You will tend to want your thoughts, perspectives, and viewpoints to win the day at any given meeting or conversation. When you do this, it will mean you will be way more comfortable than you should be with dominating a gathering with your talk. You will fail to recognize your bias and spiritual blindness. So you won’t come to meetings formal or informal with a personal sense of need for what others have to offer, and you will control the talk more than you should.

The Reverse Could Be You Are Quiet When You Should Speak:

Self-glory can go the other way as well. Leaders who are too self-confident, who unwittingly attribute to themselves what could only have been accomplished by grace, often see meetings as a waste of time. A person that thinks this way will either blow meetings off or tolerate the gathering, attempting to bring it to a close as quickly as possible. They don’t jump into the fray because they believe that what they have offered or proposed simply doesn’t need to be defended. Self-glory will cause you to speak too much when you should listen and feel no need to talk when you surely should.

Surely it is clear that self-glory is not where we want to be, the intention is to rise to a great height but to remain humble and prideful in the most healthy ways possible.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.



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