What Are The Reasons That Make Women Lie About Their Age? The Truth!

What Are The Reasons That Make Women Lie About Their Age? The Truth!

What does this statement say to you and do you believe it? “People lie about their age all the time.” The importance of embracing your age and staying true to yourself is your beginning and when you do that the need to lie about your age might change. We are going to list several reasons why women lie about their age and why.

Vanity – When people take a good long hard look in the mirror and realize how the years have sped by, and the youthful bloom has disappeared, many will panic. When a woman thinks this way, the thought of celebrating birthdays holds no more pleasure so many women will lie about their age.

Competition – Youth, unfortunately, is valued more than age and experience, and because that is true you will always have younger people around, and they will be hungry, and ready to step in and take over what could have been your position.

Ego – You might want to put your ego away and learn to enjoy your life. No one wants to be called old, useless or unwanted. It is because of other people’s arrogance that so many are fearful of aging.

Aging Ungracefully – Many women just do not want to be “old”, they want to stay young forever. Ask yourself do you wish to attend high school all over again?




Want More Time – How about life being so beautiful that you just want to live forever? When you can slow down and give time and service to others, you will find a greater sense of joy and happiness.

Fame – When some have tasted the call of “lights, camera, action it can be more intoxicating than an excellent glass of wine. Because of that mindset, many will do anything to stay there as long as possible.

Acceptance – Accepting, who you are and loving that person, is a joyous thing. At the end of the day, you are fortunate to grow old just work at being the best that you can be at the age that you are, be your best self.

Some women prefer to play the game “forever young”, and hide and or lie about their age to prevent others from evaluating and judging them. A woman’s reasons for addressing the aging process are for her and her alone, not to be judged by her or anyone else. Women know that many tend to classify her and categorize her based on her age, and she wants no part of that mindset.

What every woman needs is the ability to be mindful of how they evaluate themselves based on their age. When a woman can be truthful about her age, they are living their lives rather than comparing themselves to others. It is a sad fact but today’s modern woman’s biggest fear is not living alone, it’s looking her age though she will never admit it.

There is a fine line between dressing your age and wearing sexy or slutty clothing. Allow your personal style to showcase who you are at your core. When you have an awareness of your style and how to project your inner beauty the ease of your personal style will be seen. When others see your natural beauty, your age will not be up for discussion.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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