What Are The Reasons For Women Being Insecure?

What are the reasons that so many women are insecure? Let’s just say right off the bat that for starters a woman’s first relationships are with her father. If he treats her well, shows her how to be treated, advises her on how men play games, instills confidence and loves her endlessly, he is teaching her how to be treated by a man. If on the other hand, her father abandons her, neglect her needs, mistreats her, abuses her, does not teach her anything about men, well then he is also teaching her how to be treated by men.

In psychology, we call all behavior “learned behavior.” How you experience life, people and what you learn conditions your reactions to people and conditions your response. What is now accepted is that this type of upbringing does not mean that if your relationship with your father was horrible that you won’t be able to sustain a healthy relationship. What it means is that you will just have to work harder at it, and you will have to dissect the unconsciousness messages you received from your experiences.

The Society also puts a lot of pressure on women to have the perfect body, skin, hair and the perfect tan. Many women have not learned how to accept themselves. When this is the mindset, it is because of the norm of how women are being broadcasted to, and it is not their truth. Instead, far too many women have learned how to be catty and competitive with one another, instead of being the woman who supports a system that is a cheerleader for all other women.

What has become my reality is that the primary cause of a woman’s insecurities and bad decisions making lies within herself. If a female does not feel good about herself and does not know her self-worth, dating decisions will be hell on wheels in so many ways. One of the best ways for a woman like this is to embrace her roots. Get to the root of all the decisions you make, which aren’t in your best interest.

Learn how to cut down the decisions that are not in your best interest, and that will take lots of personal development. You will learn how to cut down all those unconscious trees, which lead to you making shallow decisions. When you can do this, it will help you to raise your vibration so that you attract the type of people in your life that you deserve. Insecurities have always been with us, and they will continue but you now more than ever before have so many ways to override that feeling of being insecure with your personalized journey to growth through personal development.

When women have high standards, and she has done her homework to get there, she naturally becomes a leader among men and females. A woman like this holds herself to high standards, and she is not a hypocrite. No matter how accomplished in life or how much she gives, she keeps pushing herself further. She wants to do more to be able to be more because she knows she’s capable of more and is willing to move forward in that direction leaving her insecurities behind her.

A woman like this knows she has insecurities but believes in her potential, and she knows she hasn’t reached it yet. Knowing that she is on the right path her faith is a given. Her acceptances of this fact is real, and she will have ultimate gain in the confidence that she seeks. The reasons for her insecurities are no longer needed, and she becomes the confident woman that she desires to be.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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