Why Wealth Is Not Money, It’s Your Health!

We now know the health and wealth connection, was it “Virgil” who said, “The greatest wealth is health”? Yes, it was and today more than ever we know it to be truth spelled out another way much more on point. Which comes first it is somewhat like the chicken and egg question. Some studies have shown a relationship between health and wealth, but which gives rise to which is still up for debate.

Does having greater financial resources mean that you will have a healthier and longer lifespan? It is still an ongoing question. Or do more healthy individuals often build greater wealth? The solution seems to be both in that a recent survey revealed a strong correlation between health and higher income. However there is also evidence that healthy habits will not be just the effect of higher wages, but the cause at the same time.

What the author of “The Millionaire Next Door” Thomas J. Stanley found was that self-made millionaires tended to have certain habits in common. It appears that they sleep a respectable average of 7-1/2 hours a night, rise early and exercise an average of 3-1/2 hours per week. The studies show that people who keep fit bring in higher than average incomes. Many of his findings have nothing to do with silver spoon privileges.

Also, there are physical reasons why staying in shape often leads to productivity and greater success. So, is fitness a predictor of success? Those who are fit have a tendency to sleep better, have much more energy and lower anxiety levels. What it boils down to is this the ultimate effect is that members of the “fit-fam-” tends to have the capacity to work longer and harder with greater focus, than those who are not fit.


When you add to the physical factors, additionally, there are cultural factors that also reward people who stay in shape. Multiple research studies show that people that are fit encounter less discrimination and get promoted more easily. According to a study submitted to Health Economics Journal, the salary differential between healthy weight and obese employees average about 2.5% with women taking even higher pay cuts.

How about looking at these five simple ways to improve your health and invite into your lifestyle more wealth.

Sign up for exercise, dance, or yoga courses

Quit those bad habits. Make it simple, pick one and tackle it mentally rather than physically.

Think optimistically about the future. When your mindset is an optimistic one, it is connected with living longer, lower anxiety levels and fewer episodes of sickness.

Build up your emergency savings.

Budget more for self-care and prevention including massages, quality nutritional supplements and organic produce.

When you take this ending to heart, you will be on your way to wealth.

When you lose your money nothing is lost, but when you lose your health, you have lost a valuable part of yourself.

What you want is to work at keeping your health your top priority, an investment in you being well, is worth every dollar you spend to keep your health your top priority.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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