We Need More Sheroes Who Pave The Way!

When you mention the word shero do you feel that it is understood what you are saying and the meaning of the word is clear? The word shero means “a female hero”, it is a blend of the she + hero. Not sure who coined the word but if ever we were in need of more female sheroes it is now. We are going to share five pieces of advice that apply to both men and women in any industry but particularly to women.

The women who make it to the top have had quite a journey, and the road was not paved for many. From a collection of women who spoke at a conference, they shared their unvarnished truth about their triumphs and setbacks, plus who kept them inspired when the going got tough. The sage advice given will inspire you to stay on purpose and accept what will keep you on your path to your success.


Know the difference and understand the concept around performance and relationship currency. Performance currency is worth…about a buck-and-a-half,” and it’s earned by delivering that which was asked of you, plus a little bit extra. Performance currency, over time, experiences diminishing marginal returns. In order to advance in the workplace, you must invest in relationships, inspiring leaders to support you and teammates to follow you. If you consistently pull all-nighters, skipping those invaluable chances to bond with colleagues on a human level, your career path will eventually plateau. “Performance currency may get your name on the short list,” but, if no one can speak on your behalf, they’ll simply go to the next name. Relationship currency will make your road to your success happen much faster.


One of the best ways to build a support network is by being your true self. Trust your instincts and consult with your support network to remain successful.


Regardless of how you define “life” in the work/life balance equation, the most important part is recognizing that this definition can change. You must take the time to check in with yourself to see if you truly know what it is for you and how essential a balance can be.



What we really need to do is celebrate the women who…despite everything they made it to the top. We need to learn from them, take inspiration from them…We don’t have to talk about the negatives.’ With empowerment coursing through our veins, we all need to stand, shout and applaud all the women who are sheroes. When we can do this we are in support of all our sisters who are in the process of moving into the sheroe role and we welcome and embrace them.


You can be and maybe you already are a sheroe uniting and embracing women. If you are open to personal development and finding your inner light and having like minded women around you then you are a sheroe. Paving the way first for yourself and then looking to see how you can support other women to rise and be all that they are here to be living in their purpose. A purposeful woman with compassion and a need to share with others.


Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA The Goddess Of Wealth
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