What Type Of Teacher AreYou And Why Do You Teach?

What Type Of Teacher AreYou And Why Do You Teach?

Why do we all love taking a quiz, they are fun, and we love seeing if the quiz will be able to pinpoint us, so why not take them? We are writing about teachers and teaching all this week so the question before you would be what type of teacher are you because we are all teachers whether we want to be or not. Research shows that there are four kinds of teachers – idealists, practitioners, rationalists and moderates. Where do you fit?

You might not see yourself as a teacher but you are we all are, so the question would be why are you a teacher and what type of teacher are you in your life setting? The teaching that you are doing is it to improve society, to help our young people, or maybe a combination of the two. When you are a productive and contributing member of society, you care, and your person speaks a language that resonates for the good to others.

Let’s look at the four types and see where you fit, and maybe you are like many a combination of one or two; only you will know and if you are not sure, ask someone that you admire and respect.

The Idealist: You care about making a difference and see improving social justice as an essential part of your role here. Working with young people is where your heart lives, and you love it.


Teacher Pointing at Map of World ca. 2002

The Practitioner: You are much more interested in contributing to the development of our young people and are firm believers in the importance of continued professional development. Here you have those who want to be a teacher they enjoy the craft and are committed to the job of teaching.

The Rationalist: You are a big believer that you can make a difference, but are also pragmatic, realizing that you need a job with good pay and holidays. You want to work in places where you can have an impact but one that also offers a high quality of life.

The Moderate: If this is you raising strong opinions is not your strong suit. Many factors will motivate your decision making. If this is you, maybe you are more likely to move because of family or partner. You are more liable to consider leaving because you do not feel as committed to the profession of teaching as you want to believe.

If you have a passion and the desire to pass on knowledge to others, teaching could be the best career for you no matter the type of work you are doing. Why, because as a teacher you are a top role model in your student’s lives. When you act as such and show you genuinely care about them, you win. What you are doing is building trust and you are becoming a life-long learner yourself, honing your craft.

What does being a great teacher entail and, can you be one? Let’s end this article with a fun little quiz and you can see if you would make a great coach. Do take the quiz and have fun and know that the final answer is yours and yours alone. Deep down you know that you are a teacher the question is what are you going to teach others that will benefit them and add much to your life?

Click here and take the quiz: http://bit.ly/1NKTYiB

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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