How The True Seekers Know That Aging Is Optional!

How The True Seekers Know That Aging Is Optional!

Here is what we are all aware of and there is no getting around it at a certain point in each of our lives, the first signs of aging show up. It will come from wrinkles and unwanted creases to fine lines and crow’s feet. What we do not do is welcome the process mention above with open arms. These types of changes to the face can often make us look more tired, worried and sometimes more angry than we feel.

While aging is optional, it is contingent upon how you care for yourself to prevent it long term. We know understand how the things that you do and say influence your health. Happiness is a choice. The society that we live in makes women especially aware of how their value depends on their appearance, and that aging is the worst thing that could happen to them; offering everything to offset that outlook.

When you probe, it brings you to the other fountain of youth trick: Digital Alteration. If a woman isn’t outrageously gorgeous, thin and young -looking for her age, she’s almost always either photoshopped to look that way or is completely invisible in mainstream media. It has an effect on us and these pervasive almost inescapable, and strikingly consistent images of young-looking older women create not just a new ideal for female beauty but, a new more realistic healthy for us.




Aging is optional has much to do with other things in your life other than you face and physical appearance, it depends a great deal on your personal style as well. We all follow fashion who care about ourselves and our appearance. Having a stylist or you are your own who can selects garments that compliment your age, rather than makes us looks dull and unattractive is essential to your growth.

When you have your style it is great, and style has nothing to do with age – it is a state of mind – you are born with it. If you are ageless your personal sense of style has taken years to acquire and refine and what a gift that is for you to share with others. Healthy aging means continually reinventing you as you pass through landmark ages and beyond. It means finding new things you enjoy, learning to adapt to change, staying physically and socially active and feeling connected to your community and loved ones.

One of the ways that the right seekers stay young is by focusing on the things that they’re grateful for and enjoy the sharing of it. When you can acknowledge and express your feelings, you are ahead of the game of life. Staying healthy and in being in tune with your body is number one, no amount of success with the aging process will benefit you as much as taking the best care of your body which is your temple.

We all have heard about the myth of aging, and most of us can pinpoint the exact moment we begin to feel older. You see that we said older not old. There are ways in which aging is full of possibility because our brains are always able to learn, and our minds are continually capable of gaining wisdom. What you are seeking is the ability to express the love within you which has no age and is pure without time being a factor regarding age.

Getting older is inevitable, but the aging process will depend a great deal on how you take care of your body mind and spirit on the inside and outer sides which are your temple.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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