What A Tragedy Many Have Ambition Yet Few Master Their Skills!

It requires an enormous amount of talent tied in with your ambition and drive to reach the success that you desire. It is not enough to be ambitious you will need to master a skill and perfect it to your personality and style. Your natural gifts and talents are what you have to incorporate into your lifestyle and blend into your ambition to succeed at your goal. These are the two skills you must focus on every day in your life to push your creative work forwards.


Ambition is a skill. It helps drive you when nothing is clear, and when everything feels like chaos. When every piece of feedback you receive, takes the wind out of your sails. Ambition is also what keeps you from settling. Keeps you from stopping at the first failure or roadblock you experience. Ambition makes you question what is normal, to find what is meaningful.

Enthusiasm comes from within. It’s something that drives you, and you can’t borrow it or fake it. Real ambition is about how many hours you throw at something; it is about the energy and enthusiasm you give it.

The legitimate purpose of your being will be how you leverage it with total simplicity the resources you have at hand are in fact that which is where real and authentic ambition resides.



What does this mean? It is developing habits, reaching milestones, doing great work, it is all a process of finding out how to do it. It requires not just a plan, but the gumption to work around unexpected roadblocks. It requires not just a great idea, but the ability to work with collaborators to make it happen. How about this one? It requires not just being good at something, but, to do so while juggling family, finance, health, and the other various hats you must wear to get to your success.

Creativity and simplicity reign, you don’t develop a complicated system, but rather focus on innovative and fun ideas that feel great. Aggressive behavior does not belong or fit in; a better outlet would be you learn how to listen and observe what is around you at all times. You will have more empathy because you want to understand more. Once you understand this applying principle, you are on your way to learning the greatness and mastering your innate skills.

Helping others more effectively because you want and need to have an impact on their lives. The tragedy of not learning your natural gifts and expertise will not be yours, why because you realize the importance of it all and the decision for you is to master and then to share your skills. When you can do this, you are on your way to your purpose.

No longer under the label of a tragedy that does not allow the mastering of one’s natural skills.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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