What Are The Timeless Qualities That Attract Men To Women?

What are the timeless qualities that attract men to women? There is the old saying that we all know, that says “you live, and you learn. What you find attractive today might not be a quality or trait that you find interesting tomorrow. It is hard to heed this sage advice though because sometimes the same qualities you found attractive at first, turn out to be the very ones that drive you away, later on.

How about sticking with the types of attractive qualities that you will want to build on, and look out for, down the road, here are a few to consider:


A sense of style is always attractive, and it is also enduring. The tricky part is distinguishing between people who have style and which has a keen eye for the “trendy” things they find. Unlike trends, style doesn’t come and go.


One of the most positive qualities that a woman can possess is confidence. Women with confidence don’t seek approval or need any extra attention from others.


Originality is the anti-basic, the anti-boring. There is no one way to be original. Innovation will keep you guessing, and when one is truly original, this quality will constantly be reappearing in new and different ways.


Class: Being classy is not about what type of drink you order, or which particular elite club you’re a member of, it’s about conducting yourself the “right way.” Please don’t confuse snobbishness with class, they have no connection.


When someone makes you laugh it provokes thought and how can you not like and be attractive to that outlook? When you can laugh, it is an excellent sign. Wit is one of the most enjoyable forms of humor and pleasing as well as enjoyable in its delivery.


Intelligence is possibly the most attractive quality you can find in a person.


Honesty is one of the most important qualities. The thing about lying is that one lie can lead to zero truth. Finding one who is honest will provide you with someone to trust and more importantly, to trust in; nothing is more attractive than the latter.

Well, let’s not end this article until we share that granted there is no scientific formula for this listing but from experience, these are the qualities that will stay attractive for a long time. You will find the one’s that you will want to build upon and why not, they are the best one’s and essential to growth and longevity.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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