The Way To Learn And Heal Through Your Truth!


The Way To Learn And Heal Through Your Truth!

You have many different ways to teach and heal today, and you most likely know what is embraced as the mind, body, spirit or the “New Age movement today. Spiritual healing can help people in several ways often unexpected ways. When you embrace your truth, it will benefit you as well as others. The more you enter into your reality, the better you can support and heal others with your truth.

Healing is powerful, and we all have a bit of it attached to our truth because it remembers our truth. You learn by reorienting yourself in the direction of your truth. When you can do this, it will help to dissolve the falseness that is your wounds. You can do this because deep down in the greatest depth within you, you know that you are good.

When you begin to understand how healing works you become its ally, aiding its process to flow. You learn that it is not the wound that you have but the “fixation” on the wound as your identity that is false. You are not the injury, and the knowing of your truth is beneath the wound. You must feel, dig, intuit your way beneath the wound because that is where you find your truth.

Once you open up to learning through the process of healing, you can step into “higher consciousness”. And it becomes a step into your higher power which is quite mature. What happens when you are living free of wounds means that you are learning how to get out of the way. When you are out of your way it is the art of allowing that to happen and this shift opens you up to flow unhindered.




How do we learn to heal ourselves and grow through our truth today when there are so many different ways of seeing what it is to different people. It is very common in today’s New Age Movement and other spiritual circles to hear people saying things like this, some examples below:

“I know we disagree, but you have your truth, and I have my Truth.”

“We can all say different things because we each have our Truth.”

“I love the way you speak your Truth.”

“If reincarnation is your Truth then maybe you’ll reincarnate, but it isn’t my Truth.”

When you are a seeker and on your journey of personal development you are about discovering your truth. Many people claim to be “seekers” of truth, lovers of truth, and so on but their actions show that they are in fact nothing of the sort. How many people do you know who just do not want to move out of their comfort zone? Individuals who prefer to believe what is pleasant rather than what is true and, become outraged with anyone who destroys their agreeable delusion.

Where are you in this discussion? What is the position that you take in this knowing that those who are deeply sincere and committed to discovering the truth are the real seekers. The truth will not speak to those who are mentally lazy. If you expect things to be just given or handed out to you, then you are not about your absolute truth. It is entirely up to you to tread the path of truth by becoming that road yourself. What that means is that as you learn your truth, you begin to heal and grow into the person you are here to become.

In your search stay out of your way. Learn to trust yourself, don’t trust the norms that have been conditioned into you, because they can be scary but, that’s OK. You will have to go off the beaten path to living your truth. What you want to remember in your weak moments, and they will arrive; is that every person that you admire was probably labeled a lunatic before they were labeled a luminary.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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