The Practical Guide To Fashion Beliefs That Work!

Who does not love at least knowing what some of the fashion rules are even if you don’t adhere to them? The fashion rules exist for a reason, and we need to know them before we consider breaking them. If  we love the style, not fashion. The regulations in manner exist for a reason. As you go about developing your signature style, you need to be aware of them. That means knowing your fashion style and what suits you best. Allowing it to suit your personality, lifestyle, and your aim for the image you wish to create.

Remember that the classic is called classic for a good reason. It may not be your fashion look, yet you need to know and understand it. Why, because as you begin to develop the signature style that’s you, it will be how you stamp it to your successful lifestyle. You must never forget who the boss is, and that would be you always. Having a stylist can be quite helpful yet you need to know you’re in charge. The image you’re creating has to fit you and not the other way around. Fashion is fun, and your goal is to achieve the look that suits you best regardless of fashion trends.

What you bring to the image that you’re creating for yourself are your beliefs. What you appreciate has to be a consideration. Until you learn if it is the best style for your body shape and personality is essential. Fashion should be about having fun and experimenting. Yet, remember the rules you will be better off to adhere to them until you are on the way to the discovery of what is best for your signature style that you’re developing. If your upbringing tells you that white after labor day works well, that will bring about a conversation that’s a must if you’re seeking a style that fits you and your beliefs.

What you want is to remember is that fashion is a language, and it speaks for you without words. Your self-esteem and confidence have to showcase the presence that you present to the world. You will want to put the vocal and the non-verbal together. Once you do, you will be in sync with the soulful expression of who you are at your core. You must get completely in sync with your body in all of its glory the good bad and not so good. Your key is to know that it is your body and it is beautiful as it is, and your job is to enhance it to the best of your ability.

Truth be told many of our body parts are not to be focused upon, and a terrific example would be our knees.  ( there are many others ) It is quite challenging to make knees look elegant. Knees being just one of many cases about knowing and appreciating our bodies. Once we begin to understand our bodies, it becomes our beginning to a great signature style. A style that is the right one for us and our lifestyle.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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